Best Electric Kettles in India- Review & Buying Guide (2021)

best electric kettle in India

Electric Kettles have been very useful in modern days to boil water very fast. Eventually, when compared to the traditional system, it cuts down the operating time. It is a very handy small kitchen appliance for tea lovers or people who admire coffee. A modern electric kettle can also be used to make Maggi noodles. We have listed and reviewed the electric kettles that are excellent in performance, excellent in durability and design.

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How to boil Eggs in an Electric Kettle?

how to boil eggs in electric kettle

If you love boiled eggs, having an Electric Kettle at your home can be a great advantage for you. You may have heard that you can only boil water with an electric kettle. Now, you can break the myth. You can prepare a fully-boiled egg or a half-boiled egg with it. An Electric Kettle does not only make the process faster, but it is a very user-friendly process. To know how to boil eggs in an electric kettle, check the following step by step guide. In the end, you will learn to prepare a boiled egg with your favorite dish. But be cautious and do exactly as described.

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