best induction cooktop in India

Best Induction Cooktops in India with the Right Wattage Rating (2021)

Cooking on gas stoves can be hard if you are a beginner. These bulky home appliances also involve a lot of maintenance.

But, in our busy lives, we need everything fast. Now, the best induction cooktops have become a great replacement for them.

It is the safest heating source with the best energy efficiency at a budget price. Popular induction cooktops in India use optimum power to cook using electromagnetic induction technology. Being user-friendly, anyone can operate them easily.

To keep updated with modern technologies and with fluctuating LPG prices, it is necessary to have an Induction Cooktop at every home. But, when we go to select an Induction Cooktop, the first thing that makes us think is- what should be the right wattage for an Induction Cooktop?

We may get very doubtful if the rated wattage of the cooktop is high. Higher wattage means higher electricity consumption. So, it seems that you should not select a higher Induction Cooktop wattage.

all about induction base cookware

Can Induction Base Cookware be used on gas or electric Stove?

To keep pace with modern cutting edge technology, an Induction Cookware is not only an all-in-one product but also reachable within the budget. Most of the Indian consumers adapted Induction technology for their kitchen along with an old gas stove system. Therefore, it is helpful to the users if they could be able to use the normal cookware on the induction cooker.

Induction stove vs gas stove

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove Comparison

If you are looking for an Induction Stove, firstly, you must compare it with your existing gas stove. You should check whether it will be beneficial for you in terms of Cost, Operation, Maintenance, Safety. Comparison of Induction Stove vs Gas Stove is a crucial step before you invest more in buying one.

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