Juicing vs Blending

Juicing vs Blending – Which is better and why?

So you have a very green and healthy diet. The fruits and vegetables are all set to give your body the elements it needs to be healthy.

But how to correctly extract all such nutrients for your intake?

For many, juicing and blending are the answers to that question. Designs of the modern slow juicers and blenders do allow you to extract all nutrients from the ingredients efficiently.

But, of the two, which one is the better process?

Let’s find out as we pit juicing vs. blending.

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India is not only the land of spices but also the land of mixed food habits, where one can find varieties of dishes that are not present elsewhere in the world.

Most of the Indian dishes need some masala in them which is mostly prepared in the household. These masalas make use of fresh ingredients at home that is mixed in a specific composition. It gives a delicious taste and mesmerizing aroma to the dish.