Best kitchen chimneys in India

Top 8 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2021): Reviews and Buying Guide

Fumes, Gases, Heat, dust particles and dirty kitchen walls have been a huge problem earlier. Even now, it may lead to a bad experience if you do not have a good exhaust system in the kitchen area.

At high temperature, the sugar and fat present in the food disintegrates, proteins and amino acids are pyrolyzed. Along with it, carbon monoxide, PM2.5, PM10 are generated. As a result, it can create acrolein and formaldehyde that are harmful to our respiratory system.

Long exposure to cooking fumes can create cough, wheeze and dyspnea. It can also cause diseases like phlegm and even asthma.

To keep your kitchen clean, you should install the best chimney with high suction power. It is the most efficient kitchen appliance for this purpose. An exhaust fan is not suitable for this purpose because of the large gap between the fan and the top of the oven.

A chimney works great to remove the oil and gases created from the cooking process. In the earlier models of kitchen chimneys in India, there used to be simply a blower. These were huge in size and needed a lot of maintenance.

But now, technology has been upgraded. Today, kitchen chimneys are built with autocleaning systems that are simpler to operate and easy to maintain. For this reason, they have become a useful appliance for every Indian home.

Sounds incredible?

kitchen chimney height calculation and installation

Kitchen Chimney Installation Height Calculation: Learn the Best Way

If you are planning to install a chimney for your kitchen, you need to plan and settle several most important matters like the height of chimney in Kitchen. The effective distance between chimney and stove, suction capacity, and dimension (60cm, 90cm) are such factors you need to consider.

Kitchen Chimney height calculation is easier than you have ever thought. We recommend the installation of the chimney by a specialized technician to avoid unwanted and unsafe practices. This guide can help you calculate and plan proper Kitchen Chimney Installation Height and Suction Capacity Selection in the right way.

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