how to make dosa at home

Best Way to Make the Perfect Dosa at Home with Masala and Chutneys

Dosa is a South Indian cuisine that is loved widely, majorly because it’s both healthy and delicious, along with being easy to make at home with limited ingredients. This is why Dosas are also highly popular as street food. What is more, Dosas suit as a meal for any part of the day from breakfast to dinner. Knowing the right way of making a dosa at home will help you get this delicious dish whenever you want.

types and uses of eyedrop

Types and Uses of Eyedrops

Eye drops are quite essential when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy and clean, and for that, you need the finest quality eye drops available in the market. Have a look at our analysis of different types of Eye Drops to make an informed decision about using them in the right way.

Eye drops are not only needed but also recommended to keep your eyes clean. There are different eye drops specified for different eye concerns, and with all the different varieties available in the drugstores, it can get quite confusing to choose. Also, choosing the wrong kind of eye drop may actually make your condition worse.

Kitchen Appliances List

The Ultimate List of Kitchen Appliances in India

As we all know, we are living in an era where everything is possible thanks to the technological advances that take place every second compared to all the years of human life, the 21st century should be the peak of all advances, as we are indeed living in an incredible era.

By the way, the article below is attempting to sweep the ultimate and required kitchen appliances one should have in his / her kitchen to make the most of it. These appliances serve a great purpose, particularly in your cooking setting, which helps us save your precious time and valuable effort every day.

Sewing Machine Needle

Needles of A Sewing Machine – Sizes, Types and How to Thread it

A sewing machine is probably the most reliable way to sew any kind of fabric. Besides professional usage, the best sewing machine in India can be an excellent addition for households to stitch fabrics effortlessly and flawlessly. Using this machine saves a lot of time compared to manual efforts and ensures the exact strong stitch.

But, to sew any fabric correctly, you need to have an ideal sewing machine needle as well. People often fail in delivering perfection in sewing only due to a lack of knowledge on finding a perfect needle. However, after going through this article, you will never fail in choosing the suitable sewing machine needle ever.  It will provide all the necessary information regarding sewing needles regarding every minute considerable aspect. So, without seconds late, let’s dive in!

Electric Geyser Vs Gas geyser

Electric Geyser Vs Gas Geyser – Comparison and Tips

Geysers are nowadays one of the essential home appliances being the stand-alone device for heating water quickly. Using a geyser can save a lot of time and effort in transferring buckets for the conventional heater. It is also a common appliance that you can find in most houses.

A suitable geyser in your house can ensure a comfortable bathe every day. It enhances your comfort in bathing to the whole new level with proper temperature and pressure. One should choose a geyser that can suit the needs based on the area you live and the house’s condition or space. From this view, Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser is one of the hot topics that confuse everyone while buying a geyser. Are you looking for the same answer for ages? Do you want to get a perfect conclusion for your confusion? Well, here is the best solution for your problems and confusion.

How to Clean a Washing Machine

How to Clean a Washing Machine? Learn the Right Way

A washing machine serves as one of the essential household companions these days. After the daylong stress and hectic schedule throughout the week, washing clothes would have been the most challenging task without it. Having a washing machine saves time and efforts to a great extent.

Well, today, let’s get the complete answer for how to clean a washing machine? This is indeed one of the top unresolved queries for most of the households. With a washing machine in your house, you can forget about your washing task for sure. All you have to do is lookout for an efficient machine for your needs.

inverter technology in washing machines

Benefits of Smart Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

The human brain is the smartest known object in existence. And with each passing day, we use this object to modify the technology and appliances around us. The latest addition to this list is the smart inverter technology in washing machines.

Washing machines are appliances common in every corner of the world. So what is this new inverter technology it is using? And how exactly does it benefit us?

Today’s discussion will shed light on these aspects. It will also provide you all the necessary answers. So read along as we find out what an inverter washing machine is?

steaming vs ironing

Steaming Vs Ironing Clothes – Which Should You prefer?

So you have clothes with reputed designer labels in your closet. But this does not necessarily mean you will look good in them. Perfect fitting and proper care ensure that you look good in the fabrics. While the ideal fitting is a discussion for another day, let’s discuss the caring part. More precisely, let’s focus on handling the wrinkles in your garments.

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