how to boil eggs in electric kettle

How to Boil Eggs in an Electric Kettle? -The Definitive Guide

If you love boiled eggs, having an Electric Kettle at your home can be a great advantage for you. Boiled eggs are a healthy food item that contains high protein and nutrition. By using an electric kettle, you can prepare different types of delicious boiled eggs. You can prepare fully-boiled eggs, half-boiled eggs, or poaches with the best electric kettle at your home.

To know how to boil eggs in an electric kettle, check the following step-by-step guide. In the end, you will learn to prepare a boiled egg with your favorite dish. But be cautious and do exactly as described.

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how to make dosa at home

Best Way to Make the Perfect Dosa at Home with Masala and Chutneys

Dosa is a South Indian cuisine that is loved widely, majorly because it’s both healthy and delicious, along with being easy to make at home with limited ingredients. This is why Dosas are also highly popular as street food. Dosas suit as a meal for any part of the day from breakfast to dinner. Knowing the right way of making dosa at home will help you get this delicious dish whenever you want.

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make idli with an Idli maker

How To Make Idli Using An Idli Maker At Home

Idli is a type of rice cake that originates from the southern states of India. It is a savory rice – lentil cake that is generally consumed with certain dips like coconut chutney and sambar. Idli is white and has a spongy and soft texture and tastes slightly sour due to the long hours of its fermentation.

Considered as one of the best food items which can be consumed as breakfast, Idli is a dish included in the staple diet of South Indians. Idlis are available in many varieties which include simple rice Idli, Rava Idli, instant Rava Idli, dried fruit stuffed Idli, ragi Idli, poha Idli, oats idly, and butter Idli many more.

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homemade chicken 65 recipe

Chicken 65 Recipe: How to Make it?

Making Chicken 65 is quite easy if you follow the right recipe. This deep-fried spicy chicken recipe has been popular among Indians for its flavorsome taste. It is ideal as a starter or snack for your family and friends.

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identify and fix undercooked rice

How to Fix Undercooked Rice at Your Home?

Cooking rice may seem a piece of cake, but it’s a lot trickier in reality. There lies a delicate balance between the amount of rice, water, and cooking time. Also, the flame intensity (of gas stoves) has to be adjusted according to the quantity of rice.

However, mistakes do happen, especially when you’re new to cooking rice. The threat of rice being poorly cooked is always lurking in the shadows to ruin your cooking experience, waiting for the slightest of mistakes to happen.

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how to boil milk in electric kettle

How to Boil Milk in an Electric Kettle Without Burning it?

An electric kettle comes in handy when preparing ready-to-use warm water for your soups, boiling eggs, etc. Electric kettle is a fast, convenient, and efficient kitchen appliance to prepare various dishes. However, some people want to take the game even further by utilizing this useful and convenient kitchen appliance for boiling milk. 

Boiling milk in an electric kettle is not as simple as it may sound. An electric kettle sure is a very convenient appliance, but using it for boiling milk will stretch its limits far too long. For instance, milk doesn’t behave like water when heated; water evaporates while milk doesn’t.

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peanut chicken recipe

Peanut Chicken Recipe

This amazingly simple peanut chicken is an Indo-Asian cuisine that can suit best with pulao, paratha, and naan. We Indians have also adapted it as a side dish with normal steamed rice and noodles. If … Read more

crispy noodles recipe

Crispy Fried Noodles (Chow Mein) Recipe – How to Make?

We all love noodles which are available across the world in different forms, styles, and cuisines. Among all of them, my favorite is the crispy noodles or crispy fried noodles. It is a Chinese dish, usually served as an evening snack. Crispy fried noodles recipe is also the base dish of American Chopsuey.

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ice cream made in an ice cream maker

How to Make Ice Cream with an Ice Cream Maker at Home? – Know The Correct Way

Ice cream is the tastiest dessert famous worldwide. Ice cream is loved and enjoyed in different flavors by children and adultsThis article is all about how to make ice cream with an ice cream maker. It is a sweetened frozen snack made from milk or cream. The best ice cream maker in India is available in the market in different variants. The maker freezes the custard mixture while churning. Aerating the mixture and turning it into small pieces helps it consume immediately.

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how to use a sandwich maker

How To Use A Sandwich Maker To Make Homemade Sandwiches?

Delicious sandwiches with a glass of juice are a must for a healthy breakfast. However, the store-bought sandwiches are overpriced. So making sandwiches using a sandwich maker at your home is the best option with one-third of the cost. Not only sandwiches, but you can also use the sandwich maker to prepare puff pastry, pizza pockets, fritters, French toast, omelets, etc.

The best sandwich makers are perfect kitchen appliances to prepare sandwiches in the quickest way when you are in a hurry. Making restaurant-style sandwiches is possible now at home. Once you know how to use the sandwich maker, preparing mouth-watering sandwiches with tasty fillings, spread, and bread is super easy. We will discuss the best way to use it so that first-time users don’t find it difficult at all.

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Can You Make Bread With A Hand Mixer

Can You Make Bread With A Hand Mixer?

Homemade bread has lots of benefits; first of all, it tastes way better than the bread you buy from the market. Apart from that, the market-bought ones are expensive and contain preservatives which are not good for health. 

If you are fond of baking and making bread at your home, you need an electric mixer (hand mixer or stand mixer) to reduce time and effort. Most recipes require a stand mixer to mix the bread dough. But they are pretty costly kitchen appliances.  For, this reason, you may wonder-

Can you make bread with your hand mixer?

Yes you can. With this guide, you can prepare bread dough with a hand mixer. So, buckle up to know the best way to make bread with a hand mixer!

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how to boil eggs on induction cooktop

How to Boil and Fry Eggs on Induction Cooktop? – Learn the Correct Way

Eggs are a fantastic choice for breakfast or a late-night snack. In addition to providing a plethora of benefits, they are inexpensive and are also quick to prepare. 

Boiling eggs on an induction cooktop is just as simple as on an electric or gas burner. If you wonder how to boil and fry eggs on induction cooktop, then here is good news for you. The best induction cooktop heats up rapidly and evenly with no hot spots, making it great for cooking eggs.

Depending on whether they are boiled, poached, fried, or scrambled, egg dishes come in various flavors and textures. Here, you will get to know entirely how to cook eggs on an induction stove as you get a step-by-step procedure for cooking eggs.

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