Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos 1000W Review

Inalsa Stand Mixer Kratos 1000W Review

Stand mixers add a level of versatility and power, which cannot be replicated by hand mixers or manual processes. Inalsa stand mixer Kratos can easily make all those mouth-watering recipes that you have been watching on your reels.

After reading this review, you can now bake cakes, cookies, and bread to meatloaves, sausages, and marshmallows using Inalsa Kratos stand mixer. It will complete your kitchen and make life a lot easier for you as it did for us.

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Prestige Iris (750 watt) Mixer Grinder Review with Features, Pros, Cons

Prestige Iris (750 Watt) Mixer Grinder Review

What are the common appliances that you can spot in Indian kitchens?

We are sure that you will be able to find a mixer grinder among many others.

Spices predominate Indian cooking, and grinding stones were an indispensable part of the kitchen before the juicer mixer grinders took their place.

One such kitchen appliance for 2022 is Prestige Iris 750 watt mixer grinder. It reduces the physical strain of grinding spices, pulses, and other harsh ingredients. It also reduces the time usually taken to grind ingredients with your bare hands.

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Sleepwell Spinetech Air Mattress Review (2022)

sleepwell mattress

Good health is real wealth. You should undoubtedly consume healthily and work out to keep active if you accept this assertion sincerely. Do you realize, however, that sleep is as critical to your health? Research has demonstrated that sleep has a significant effect on the well-being of an individual. Deprivation of sleep may cause a variety of medical issues. Depriving sleep is known to contribute to higher Insulin rates, weight gain, insomnia, ADD, and cognitive and memory issues.

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Faber Hood Everest Smart 3D 6 way Silent Suction 1250 m³/hr Chimney Review

Faber Hood Everest SC TC HC BK 60 Cm 1200 M³Hr Autoclean Chimney Review

We all know that Faber is famous for its kitchen appliances all over the world. If you are searching for a kitchen chimney, then Faber Hood Everest Smart 3D 60 cm 1250m3/hr chimney is the perfect solution for you.

If you love making food, then you want to experiment with your dishes. While cooking, the kitchen might be full of odor and smoke. Your cabinets might get greasy and oily. For these concerns, Faber is offering an auto clean high-power chimney to help you with the issue.

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Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney Review

Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC 90 Cm 1200 M³Hr Auto Clean Chimney Review

Eurodomo’s Hood Classy HC TC chimney removes the excess oil and smoke from your kitchen while cooking. With one of the best chimneys from Eurodomo, you are saved from the hassle of cleaning oil stains from your kitchen walls and cabinets. It also helps get rid of the excess odor in the kitchen. In this review, learn the detailed features, design aspects, suction performance with pros and cons.

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Faber Hood Zenith FL SC AC BK 60 cm 1350 m³/HR Auto-Clean Angular Chimney Review

Faber Hood Zenith FL SC AC BK 60 Cm 1350 M³HR Auto-Clean Angular Chimney Review

When we talk about kitchen chimneys, a few brands stand out from the rest, and one such brand is Faber. Over the years, Faber has built a reliable name for itself when it comes to kitchen chimneys. One such product which Faber offers is Hood Zenith FL SC AC BK 60 cm 1350m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Angular Chimney.

It is not just about the brand name that people trust Faber so much. It is also about the durability, performance, and sustainability of these chimneys. Faber’s angular chimney is one of the best chimneys for your kitchen, and you can trust its features without a doubt in your mind.

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Faber Hood Primus Plus Energy HC SC BK 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney Review

Elica WD TBF HAC 60 MS NERO 60 Cm 1425 M3Hr Auto Clean Chimney Review

Over the years, the brand Faber has gained a lot of trust and attention from its users. Faber has emerged as one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to kitchen chimneys. The essential feature of a kitchen chimney is to keep the kitchen oil, grease, smoke, and odor-free. These features fit perfectly well with Faber Hood Primus Plus Energy HC SC BK 60 Cm 1500 M³/Hr Auto Clean Chimney. 

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Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop Review

Review of Philips Viva Collection HD493801 Induction Cooktop

It has successfully produced light bulbs for kitchenwares—of course, and I am talking about Philips. Gerald Philips established this mega-company in 1891. Then onwards, the venture focusing on various industries began.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Philips can beat any other company at large. Almost two centuries apart, the company has emerged to its very peak. Major successes like this require customer credibility. They have gained that through years of turmoil and customer services.

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Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop Review

review of features of Pigeon By Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop

Stovekraft was founded in 1999 in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. It is a renowned Indian company that manufactures kitchenware. Under the name of Gilma and Pigeon, Stovekraft produces kitchen utilities.

The million-dollar company is known for its value. Among the many things that customers like is quality—Stovekraft promises that. 

Today we will do a Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop review which is also one of the best induction stoves in India available at an affordable price. 

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Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop Review

Philips Viva Collection HD492801 induction cooktop review

Philips is serving mankind for over 130 years. Gerard and Anton Philips established this brand in the year 1891. From medical equipment to an entire cooking range, they have it all. Today, we will go deep into the review of Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 induction cooktop.

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Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop Review

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop

Bajaj is a dominant company that has answers to your kitchen problems. The world-renowned Bajaj electrical was established in the year 1938. In the year 1960, it was renamed, Bajaj. Slowly and steadily, Bajaj provided electrical solutions.

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