best Ironing Board in India

Best Ironing Boards in India: Review and Buying Guide

Everyone prefers to wear neatly ironed clothes. It helps in keeping our garments tidy. Improper pressing can ruin the whole attire. People often face difficulties while pressing garments on the bed or table.

Frankly, it’s inconvenient to do ironing on an uneven surface. It affects the efficiency of the work. Here, ironing boards can be the best possible solution to resolve the issue.

steaming vs ironing

Steaming Vs Ironing Clothes – Which Should You prefer?

So you have clothes with reputed designer labels in your closet. But this does not necessarily mean you will look good in them. Perfect fitting and proper care ensure that you look good in the fabrics. While the ideal fitting is a discussion for another day, let’s discuss the caring part. More precisely, let’s focus on handling the wrinkles in your garments.

Steam Iron vs Dry Iron

Steam Iron Vs Dry Iron- Find which is Beneficial for home use

With the advent of steam burst technology, the best steam irons in India are popular among the users but consumes about 1800 watts of power. For the property of getting heated up quickly, the steam iron serves versatile purposes and is perfect for the removal of stubborn wrinkles even from heavy fabrics. So, be ready to get a crisper and wrinkle-free look to your clothes with the advanced models.

Likewise, there is an enormous range of high-quality dry irons that come with a thermal fuse and behave in the form of an electrical safety device for the prevention of the flow of electricity against overheating. So, these irons hold the ability to stop damage due to overheating. Now the question is-

Dry iron or steam iron, which is better?

best steam iron in India

Top 6 Best Steam Irons in India 2021- Review with Buying Guide

The use of Iron is to make our clothes free of wrinkles. We need it whether we go out for office or even vacation. But, dry irons have some certain limitations. You cannot iron silk, light fabric, or a printed T-shirt easily with it.

So, if you try without proper precaution, the cloth might get damaged. To solve this problem, steam irons are made. They clear out any of such wrinkles/creases very well in a shorter time.