Best Water Purifier in India- The Top 5 list for 2020

best water purifier in India

As the level of groundwater is falling, the quality of water is being worse. A high level of pollution is making the scenario worse. In this situation, we must drink good quality water. Eventually, waterborne diseases are spread easily through a groundwater pipe. So, there could be a chance for contamination. Water Purifier is now a must-have appliance for the home.
We studied and researched for weeks to find the right product. The selected Best Water Purifier in India (2020) is according to Performance, Design, Durability, Quality.

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Importance of Water Purification- Why is it needed?

Importance of water purification

The shortage of groundwater is badly increasing everywhere. In addition, heavy pollution is worsening the situation. According to the UN Human Rights Report, the world is fast approaching a devastating situation where only the wealthy can afford basic resources in the face of fatal calamity. In some of the places in India, the disaster has already arrived. Chennai, the sixth-largest city in India, has nearly been dry in mid-2019. In this context, we can understand the Importance of Water Purification in India.

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