How To Use A Kitchen Chimney Easily and Efficiently?

Cooking involves a lot of frying and oily particles that can make the kitchen look untidy. In such a situation, using a chimney is the only savior for the household. All the unwanted smokes and grease produced from firing cooking are trapped inside the kitchen chimney filters and inner walls.

Ultimately, the chimney helps in maintaining pleasant odor and fresh air in the kitchen area. Before knowing how to use a kitchen chimney, you should recognize the difference between the two types of kitchen chimneys. You can vent out the smoke from the kitchen with the help of either a ducted or ductless chimney. The best kitchen chimneys in India are easy to use and friendly to the operator.

What is the Purpose of a Chimney?

The goal of using a chimney in your kitchen is to vent out or filter the dirty air. The best exhaust fans can also suck out the smokes and fumes. But they are not as efficient as chimneys because exhaust fans are installed at a remarkably larger distance from the stove with lesser suction power. Using a chimney is the most efficient way to maintain a healthy environment in your kitchen.

A ducted kitchen chimney sucks the smoke inside the machine. Then the air passes through a filter, where the grease particles are trapped, in the filter. And the remaining air is driven out of the house through the kitchen duct.

However, in the case of a ductless chimney, the working system is different. Here, the smoke and particles are trapped by a baffle filter which then goes to a series of mesh and charcoal filters. Here, the charcoal filter absorbs the heat and extra smoke. Then, the clean and refined air is sent back to the kitchen.

how to use kitchen chimney

How to use a chimney in Your Kitchen at its full efficiency?

After you know the difference between a ducted and a ductless chimney, let’s know how to use them. Here’s the step-by-step guide to answer how to use a kitchen chimney-

First, switch your chimney prior you start cooking

Before starting the cooking process, turn on the chimney from the main power supply. Also, power it up from the control panel of the chimney. Make sure of no abnormal noise and vibration.

Then set the appropriate suction power

Once you switch the chimney, now you have to choose the speed of operating the chimney. For optimizing speed, you will find an electric push button at the side of the chimney ( however, it depends on brands). There in the settings, you can choose the speed and suitable suction power

Control the push buttons as per requirement

To answer how to use a kitchen chimney, you can start operating with the help of push buttons. Based on your model, you will find mainly four buttons along with a light indicator on the control panel of your chimney. The light indicator turns on the light hob which, depends on your choice to use. Another three buttons will help you to determine the speed.

The modern chimneys often come up with touch panels and motion sensors instead of push buttons. Using the touch panel, you can flawlessly operate the chimney more efficiently.

Set a timer on your chimney

All kitchen chimneys do not have the option to set a timer while cleaning, but some models allow a timer. There is a plus sign indicator to increase the time for cleaning and a minus sign indicator to reduce the timer duration. 

Switch off the button when cooking completes

Once you complete your cooking process, leave the chimney to turn on for ten to fifteen minutes. Also, it will absorb all smoke from the kitchen. Then, make sure that all unwanted smoke gets trapped inside the chimney, then turn the switch off button. Usually, a fan icon is there to help you understand the switch-off button. 

Disconnect the plug once done

Every time you complete your cooking process, don’t forget to turn off the main power socket. Leaving the main chimney switch on can prove risky for you. 

Timely wash the filters of the chimney

For the proper function of your chimney, it is necessary to timely clean and maintains it. And you have to keep the filter part cleaned. So, make sure that once every ten to fifteen days, you clean the filters of the chimney. You can use liquid soap or shampoo pouches for cleansing the filter. If the chimney is not working properly, always check the filters first.

Clean the chimney surface

It is also crucial to properly clean the chimney surface to retain its original shine. But don’t apply boiled soap solution for cleaning the surfaces. Instead, try to clean the area with the help of a damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive chemicals for cleaning the kitchen chimney surface. 

This guide will help you to use your kitchen chimney properly. However, some steps may vary depending on the models, brands, and types of kitchen chimney you use. For example, auto clean chimneys are very easy to use. On the other hand, ordinary chimneys need rigorous manual cleaning which can be difficult sometimes.

tips to use kitchen chimney

tips for using a Kitchen chimney

As of now, it is clear that a kitchen chimney is not simply a smaller appliance for your larger kitchen. It has many usages and can cause suffocation if you don’t have one in the kitchen. At the same time, you must remain careful about using a kitchen chimney. After knowing how to use a kitchen chimney, here are some tips that will help you more in safe operation.

Maintain proper distance between stove and chimney

At the time of the installation, remind the technician to install the kitchen chimney at a proper height from the stove. Otherwise, while frying and cooking with evaporating oils, the fire may catch up and causes hazards. 

Avoid high open flames

It is said that open flames are too risky for the kitchen as they can burn the place. Therefore, try to cover up flames every time you cook. 

Don’t forget to remove the plastic films from your new chimney

Many tend to cover the chimney surface with plastic films and hesitate to remove it. However, always remember that these plastic covers are not good in quality and cheaper in price. In addition, you can mark safety from any unwanted issues like catching fire. You can also hide the chimney pipes with some decorating arrangements.

Use the chimney as per the manual guide

Many people, knowing how to use a kitchen chimney, throw the manual guide. Don’t repeat their mistakes. When you are clueless about the malfunctioning of the electric hood, then the manual helps the most. Also, never allow your children to use the chimney. It can be risky for them to use the chimney. 

using a chimney

Using a Chimney: Conclusion

A kitchen chimney is a true savior that helps us to keep the kitchen clean and fresh. You must follow the above steps properly to know how to use a kitchen chimney! Using a kitchen chimney is not difficult.

But at the same time, proper precautions are necessary to avoid any hazards. Try to remain alert and always take the assistance of the manuals to ensure the functioning of the chimney. 

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