4 Best Air Coolers in India: A Complete Buying Guide for 2020

Just when the winter months are gone, we all start looking for every possible cooling solution suitable for our homes. The first choice is almost always air conditioners, but they are sometimes difficult to avail because of the high price range and other maintenance criteria.

But if you are looking for a budget-friendly portable cooling solution for your home, air coolers might be the best appliance for you. It is basically a device that cools the room through the evaporation of water. This evaporative system functions primarily on the basis of heat absorption and later on using that latent heat to transform water into vapor.

It is ideal for dry weather as it can significantly drop the temperature along with maintaining a comfortable humidity level through phase transitions of liquids. Most air coolers come with portable features these days, which makes them even more attractive. After researching hundreds of air coolers – comparing performance, design, and quality we highly recommend Bajaj Platini PX97 36 L Room Air Cooler as the best air cooler in India.

best air coolers in India

These are the best air coolers in India

Reviews of the Best Air Coolers

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler (2020 model)

Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler

This air cooler has an adequate capacity of 36 liters which makes it perfect for 200 sqft rooms. It comes at a really affordable price range and is easily available on every online marketing websites. This air cooler has the highest customer ratings on Amazon, so it is justified to say that this particular air cooler is very much appreciated by the users.

The cooler is suitable for different climate regions. This product is a balanced evaporative air cooler that is highly functional in every sort of climate regions. It can even work in humid coastal areas, unlike many other air coolers.

Attractive Design and Excellent Performance

This particular air cooler has multiple useful functions along with a perked advantage of portability.

  • A three-sided honeycomb cooling pad that cools the room very fast.
  • The performance is long-lasting as it is made from corrosion-free, engineered thermoplastic material.
  • It comes with multi-directional caster wheels that make it capable of moving from one room to another.
  • The inbuilt motor is almost noiseless and cools the room without being hard on the ears.
  •  The air cooler has a 4-way air deflection system that ensures a consistent cooling. It has a powerful air toss feature up to 30 feet, which enables it to cool the atmosphere soothingly.
  • Usage of a chill trap technology effectively distributes cool air and with a powerful delivery rate of 1300 m3 per hour.

Easy and Economic to Use

This air cooler has a three-way speed control for adjustable cooling. You can set the mode to swing or fan to achieve your desired cooling. It consumes really low energy as it spares only 100 watts. It can run on 230 volts operating voltage. The cooler is compatible with inverters so that your desired cooling is unaltered even during power-cuts. It has a written warranty of 1 year.


  • It is budget-friendly considering the capacity and functions.
  • The air cooler consists of a multi-way air deflection and tossing feature.
  • The air cooler is very environment-friendly as it neither causes high noise nor does it require a high amount of electricity.
  • The honeycomb cooling pad ensures an all directional fast cooling.
  • The manufacturer is a trusted brand for many years, and their customer service is readily available all over India.


  • This air cooler does not have any other special functions like dust filtering.
  • The air cooler does not have a visible water level indicator which makes it a little difficult to measure the water continuously.
  • No separate ice cube chamber is present for enhanced fast cooling

What is Best About This Air Cooler?

People who have a low budget for a cooling solution or who live in arid areas can find this air cooler very useful. The operating system of this product is very simplified. The high capacity of the water tank makes it perfect for easy maintenance. The manufacturer Bajaj is a trusted franchise and people can easily avail of the customer service from any of its service centers in India. If you are looking solely for a balanced cooling solution, this might be the perfect product for you!

2. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

This air cooler is the ultimate solution for you if you are looking for an air cooler suitable for multiple spaces. It has a 75 liters water tank capacity, and therefore the cooler not only is useful for household purposes but can also be used in outdoor spaces or bigger workspaces.

The Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler comes at a little higher price range, but all of its incredible features make it worth the price. The air cooler can cover up to 550-600 sqft area without any doubt.

Unique Design and High Performance

It uses a three-sided honeycomb cooling pad with wood-wool material for fast and hustles free cooling. A tall tower feature is present which, in spite of having a huge water tank, takes minimal floor space. The air cooler has in-built castor wheels for easy transitions into different spaces.

The air cooler delivers air at the rate of 4200 m3/ hour and covers a wide array with a consistent and equally distributed cooling. It is constructed with a rust-protected plastic body which makes it compatible with regular water use.

Considering the above facts we can conclude that it has superior durability with high capacity to blow cold air. The air cooler can be an excellent choice for a large room.

Upgraded Technical Features

The presence of a water drain plug makes it easy to clean and handle. The air cooler has a motorized and oscillating louver function which allows it to deflect airflow towards four directions. The cooler uses a powerful motor overload protector which makes it immune to random faltering. In addition, it is also duly compatible with inverters.


  • Suitable for different sized rooms.
  • It can be used outdoors as well without being difficult to move because of the portability and light-weight.
  • The cooler contains a separate ice chamber.
  • It has a water indicator level.
  • The air cooler uses a low amount of electricity despite having a large capacity.


  • Apart from cooling, it does not have any other functions.
  • Could be difficult to afford for many people owing to its budget.
  • It might not be suitable for very small-sized, crowded rooms as the cooling can be overbearing.


Those of you, looking for a single solution for different spaces, can easily rely on this particular air cooler. If you want to spend good money on a durable, long-lasting air cooler, this product is perfect for you. The manufacturer Crompton is a reputed electronics brand and therefore, it is trust-worthy in terms of buying.

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3. Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler

Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler

This air cooler has multiple features apart from the essential cooling ability. The tank is 27 liters large and thus enables the unit to deliver a consistent cooling for a longer time. Another perk is the possibility of putting ice cubes. Plus, the air cooler has an “i-pure” inbuilt technology that makes the unit function as an air-purifying system as well. All of these incredible characteristics can be availed at an advantageous price range which makes it one of the bestsellers in India.

Operating Experience and Performance

This model is very easy to deal with because of its simplified operating techniques. It has a whisper-quiet performance that would never hamper your sleep. The durable caster wheels make it easily movable around the house without being heavy on the back.

The interface contains two knobs; one for controlling the fan speed and the other for altering the swing/fan mode. Usage of a small amount of electricity of just 105 watts and runs at the cost of operating a fan.

I-Pure technology Advantages

This particular model has an extraordinary feature of the inbuilt I-Pure technology. This air cooler contains four different filters that make the unit a multi-stage air purifying device.

The dust protector filter prevents all kinds of impurities in the air, the smell filter removes terrible odors of the interior, the allergy filter wipes away germs, and bacteria filter resists bacteria present inside. Finally, the honeycomb pad cools the room through a wash filter.

This feature is not very common among most air coolers, and thus it makes this model outshine a lot of them. This is why we recommend it to be one of the air coolers in India.


  • It has multiple functions, but it is cost-effective.
  • The air cooler is portable, durable and long-lasting.
  • The cooler comes with unique I-Pure technology.
  • Automatic swing panels are present, to manage a consistent, all-rounder cooling.


  • Reports have shown, the model requires 3.5 liters water for continuous usage of 2 hours. Therefore, the tank can be insufficient for more prolonged use.
  • The instruction manual is not always very clear.
  • It does not have a proper water level indicator.


This model is a bonanza if you are looking for a cheap solution with great features. If you desire to avail the functions of both air cooler and purifier in one single unit, this air cooler must be in your wishlist. The manufacturer is rapidly spreading its name with its vast customer base, which makes it reliable in 2020.

4. Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler

Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler

Unique Features of Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler

  • It has an entirely plastic body that protects the unit from rust and damage.
  • The air cooler is suitable for both arid and humid areas.
  • The product is compatible with inverters so you would not miss the comfortable cooling anytime.
  • It comes with one year-long warranty period.
  • Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler has strong wheels for easy transportation.

Compact Design with Efficient Cooling

Just as the name suggests, this model is of a very compact design and does not require much space. It has a capacity of only 12 liters, but it can provide a wide range of cooling for a small room. It is perfectly useful for mainly arid areas. Has honeycomb cooling pads for active cooling. The air cooler has motorized vertical louvers that ensure multidirectional cooling. The air cooler has a good airflow of 900 m3/hour and can cover up to 20 square meters of area. It has the presence of a 3-speed controllable fan system for adjustable cooling.


  • A cheap air cooler with a vast array of features.
  • This air cooler is suitable for different climate regions which makes it preferred by customers.
  • The manufacturer is a well-known electronics brand in India, and therefore it can be relied upon.
  • Despite having a small tank, it cools an adequate surrounding space.


  • Costs a high amount of electricity for such a small capacity water tank.
  • Only suitable for rooms within 100-120 sqft areas, and it can be a bit noisy to ears.
  • It does not have any visible water level indicator.


This model is perfect for a small interior space like the office cubicles or small study rooms where you would not want to spend much money on a cooling solution. This can be a good choice for bachelors or a small family in India.

Buying Guide for Air Coolers in India

There are several essential factors that you must consider before buying the right air cooler. First of all, you should not focus only on the appearance of the product but also analyze the critical features and the warranty period. Secondly, you should also consider which brand to go for as it is imperative to have access to proper customer care and servicing facilities.

Air coolers are usually very easy to deal with, but they have some specific intrinsic features which you should be aware of so that you can choose the right air cooler for yourself. Let’s take a look at the kinds of air coolers and their functions, general features, and other essential factors to consider for a fuller, wholesome knowledge.

To know how an Air Cooler works, watch this video.

Why should you buy an air cooler?

Air coolers are in every way different than other cooling equipment. Most of them are small in size and are more energy-efficient, environment-friendly and low-budget.

Though air coolers and portable air conditioning units are very similar in appearance, they function on two completely different mechanisms. Compressor based cooling systems work on vapor-compressor or refrigeration technique, and air coolers work based on evaporation of water.

The working fluid in air coolers is plain water, and they do not need any toxic refrigerants like ammonia or CFCs as used in compressor-based cooling units, thus making them non-hazardous for the environment. The basic mechanical parts of an air cooler are the fan motors and the water pump, both of which are easy to replace at a very low cost.

The airflow in the air cooler is very frequent and voluminous, and it constantly enables fresh air to pass through the interior.

Another factor that makes air coolers more credible than other cooling systems is the cooling pad technology, which can remove various contaminants from the air, including the urban Ozone caused by increasing pollution.

Most air coolers come at a 1/3rd budget of a regular air conditioning unit, and they spare just around 1/10th energy as consumed by the AC units, making them more customer-friendly. The best air coolers for the Indian climate can definitely help you out for saving energy, as well as providing sufficient cooling of air. Tower fans can be a good alternative to Air Conditioners too.

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Types of Air Cooling Technology

Direct Evaporative Cooling Technology

This is visible in the basic design of air coolers. In this technology, liquid water is transformed into water vapor with the help of the heat in the outside temperature. In that way, dry air is replaced to be humid, moist.

The moist air needs to be released to outside regularly; otherwise, the air becomes saturated with heat and evaporation stops. This technique is mostly used in all types of household air coolers.

Direct air cooling system

Indirect Evaporative Cooling Technology

This technology uses direct evaporative cooling along with a heat exchanger to transfer the cool energy derived from the machine to air. The cooled moist air from the direct evaporative cooling process is never met with the conditioned supply air through direct contact.

The moist air stream is released in two ways. It can be emitted outside directly, or it can be used to cool other external devices such as solar cells. This kind of technology is used in bigger, industrial air coolers.

Indirect Air Cooling System

Types of Domestic Air Coolers in India

Desert Air Cooler

This kind of air cooler is suitable for medium or large-sized rooms or big office spaces. It can also be used outside. The air cooler uses evaporative technology to remove excess heat from the air by using them to transform the water into the tank into water bubbles. The capacity is usually more than 30 litres.

Personal/ Tower Air Cooler

This kind of cooler is ideal for small indoor setups only. The air cooler mostly uses blower technology to give direct cooling. The capacity of this kind of cooler is usually under 30 liters. They can also be of slightly bigger sizes and can have the appearance of a tower, which is aesthetically and spatially more compact.

Window Based Air Cooler

This sort of air cooler can be installed in the window, and thus it requires no floor space. The functionality is almost similar to the other ones.

Desert vs Tower vs Window air cooler

8 Things to consider to buy the best Air Cooler

Air Cooler Capacity

This is the first fundamental thing to keep in mind before choosing an air cooler model, as the cooling coverage area is primarily determined by the capacity and air tossing ability of the unit. The satisfactory performance of the unit depends on how big a room it is being used for.

A 12-liter capacity based air cooler can cool up to 100 sqft area at most. Naturally, the bigger space is, the more capacity strength the air cooler unit needs or else the water tank would be empty even before you feel the chill.

Another thing to remember is that not every air cooler can function in an exterior space. For example, the Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler model is suitable for a big interior space as well as for outside area because of its huge capacity and effective cooling methods. For this reason, the product is the best air cooler for room size up to 550 sq. ft.

Floor Space and Room Properties

Air coolers are small in size and mostly have a tall tower-like structure, which makes it really compact and suitable for urban living spaces. They do not acquire much of floor space. But, you need to allot a well-calculated position to the unit from where the unit can equally distribute the cooling. The optimum level of temperature moderation is only possible if the machine is not blocked by any other furniture etc.

Another crucial factor is always maintaining a cross-ventilation for the room where the air cooler is functioning. Otherwise, the room would become saturated with moisture, and the cooler would not work effectively after a point.


Most air coolers, suitable for a medium-sized room, come at an affordable price range. You do not need to spend away from your future savings in order to be comfortably chilled during summertime if you opt for an air cooler. Practically, air coolers are way more cost-effective than air conditioning units, as they come at a 1/3rd price of any well-featured AC unit.

If you do not want to buy more than one air cooler based on different space requirements and decide to go for a single larger model, it would naturally uplift the price to an extent. Models that come with features like dust-protection or purification other than basic cooling can cost a tad bit more than the regular ones.

Other Features

You need to look out for the following things as well:

  • Inverter Compatibility: As air coolers do not require much energy consumption, most of them are compatible with inverters. Try to look for a model that is thoroughly compatible with inverters or else you would be melting away during power-cuts.
  • User-friendly Interface and Instruction Manual: The model must have a proper usage manual for secure handling. The interface should contain proper knobs and switches for simple operations.
  • Water Level Indicator: If you are bothered about the task of checking the water level repeatedly, try to go for a model with a visible water level indicator. In that way, you would know in a moment if and when the unit requires refilling the tank, without any hustle.
  • Warranty: Do not finalize a model before going through the warranty terms carefully. Proper customer service and post-purchase assistance are a few more important things to consider.
  • Design of Louvers: In some models, you would find louvers that can be adjusted horizontally upwards or downwards according to your needs. But in others, they are fixed. Try to figure out which one you would prefer!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air cooler

Just like every other electronic device, air coolers have their perks and drawbacks. Take a quick look at the following points for better knowledge. This will help you to select the most suitable air cooler in India.


  1. It is way more cost-effective than a compressor-based cooling system. The estimated operating cost is about 1/8th of the refrigerated air conditioning unit.
  2. The main mechanical parts are the fan and the pump, which do not require a sudden surge of power, thus making it auto-immune to power-falterings.
  3. The primary working fluid is water, which is easily accessible and non-toxic.
  4. It is really very easy to operate and does not require any professional installation almost always.
  5. The Cooler continuously maintains a flow of fresh air into the room and thus alters the ‘age of the air’.
  6. It increases humidity that balances out the dryness in the arid areas.
  7. Even without an added purifying filter, the inbuilt cooling pad itself acts as a protective cover, preventing impure elements and dust.


  1. Air coolers can not alter the temperature of the surroundings as much as any refrigerated air conditioning units. The performance can not match up to the level of an AC unit in most cases.
  2. Humid conditions may decrease the cooling capacity as the main functional process of evaporation is hampered.
  3. High humid areas can cause water condensation, which can then lead to damage.
  4. An air cooler requires a substantial amount of water refilling. If there is a high level of minerals present in the water, the cooling pad can be obstructed. It can cause possible safety hazards.
  5. During wintertime, evaporative air coolers might need to be drained of water as otherwise, it can cause freeze-damage.
  6. There are a few hazardous conditions of health presented in air coolers. Firstly, the water storage tank can be a breeding nest of mosquitos, thus giving way to fatal diseases. If the unit is not maintained correctly, it can provide access to mold and bacteria into the interior spaces. Lastly, The usual wood-wool padding is highly inflammable and always needs careful attendance.

Which is the Best Air Cooler Brand in India?

There is not usually a definite answer to this ever-asked question. The right air cooler for home is the one that fulfills your specific needs. Considering all the factors mentioned in the buying guide and the detailed reviews,  you can pick out the best one for yourself.

If you are looking for a multi-usage air cooler at an effective price, Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler could be your chosen one. If you are willing to spend quite a few bucks for a more insured, bigger air cooler, then you must go for Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler.

But if you are not willing to experiment much when it comes to an electronic device, you can easily choose the most preferred one that is Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White).

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Coolers

Can air cooler cause asthma?

There is no definite scientific proof that air coolers cause asthma. It is usually quite friendly and does not tick off any kinds of diseases; rather, it prevents various allergy-related disorders. But, due to the increased level of humidity, it might cause distress to asthmatic people if not taken care of properly.

Can we put ice cubes in air coolers?

It depends on the model. You can put ice cubes in the water chamber directly if there is no separate chamber. In cases of different chamber facilities, the chance of enhanced cooling is elevated.

How much temperature can an air cooler reduce?

Again, it depends on the operating system of the cooler. It does not alter temperature as rapidly as an AC unit. Instead, it creates a chilling effect on the surroundings.

How much electricity does an air cooler require?

Most air coolers can function on 220-230 volts power sources. Usually, they spare about 100-140 watts, in cases of any personal or small desert air cooler. But the bigger ones might require around 200 watts power supply for uninterrupted operation.

Which Air Cooler is Best in India for Home Use?

There are several factors to remember before choosing the right air cooler for the home in India. Keeping the size of the room in your mind, considering the amount of water you can spare and of course, the technicalities and features you should choose your air cooler. In our opinion, Bajaj Platini PX97 36 L Room Air Cooler is the best for Indian households. Check the buying guide to understand which factors to remember or what specifications to look for before buying the appropriate air cooler suitable for your needs.


In this article, we talked about the different types of air coolers available in India and their best features. You can take a look at the comparison tables to get an instant idea about the best brands. We also discussed a detailed buying guide to give you a quick yet thorough understanding of air coolers.

We genuinely hope this article provides you with all the necessary knowledge needed before buying the perfectly suitable best air cooler in India. Now, level up your game and choose the right air cooler model appropriate for your specific needs. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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