Top 8 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2020) : Reviews & Buying Guide

Fumes, Gases, Heat and dirty kitchen walls have been a huge problem earlier. Even now, it may lead to a very uncomfortable and irritating experience if you do not have a good exhaust system in the kitchen. A Chimney is an electric fan hanging over a stove to remove the oil and gases generated from the cooking. If you have such a problem, then it’s time for you to install one such effective product. Currently, Our Top Pick: Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney is the best kitchen chimney in India. Alternatively, you can also try Elica 60 Cm 1200 M3/ Hr Auto Clean Chimney that is also great.

There are generally two sizes available in the market- 60 cm and 90 cm. To know which can suit the kitchen most, check the buying guide at the bottom of this article. There are many brands for auto clean kitchen chimneys that are available online as well as in the showrooms. Before you buy such a product, you must know which one would be great in Performance and most effective to suck out fumes leaving the walls of your kitchen clean.

You need to consider several important factors like the Right Size of the Chimneys, Effective Suction Power, Efficient Filters, Easy Cleaning & Maintenance. To know more about the details of these factors, read the extensive review of the amazing chimneys in the following section.

best kitchen chimney in India

The 8 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2020)

Review of the Best Chimneys for Kitchen in India

In this review, we have selected some of the amazing chimneys in terms of performance, suction power, durability, automation, quality at affordable prices. These kitchen chimneys are built with the topmost quality of materials and worth buying.

1. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney – Best in 2020

Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

High performance and efficiency

Faber is a popular name for chimneys at the market in India. This model has a high suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour with a powerful motor. The suction of smoke generated during cooking is handled carefully by Faber in this kitchen chimney. It minimizes oil and smoke and prevents pollution in the kitchen. This appliance is also built with 2 LED lamps with High Efficiency that ensure proper lighting conditions for cooking. Hence, you do not need any other external light for the illumination of your kitchen.

No Filter with Heat Auto-Cleaning

This chimney from Faber comes with the most modern type of cleaning feature. As there is no filter, the kitchen chimney involves almost zero maintenance. Moreover, with Heat Auto-Cleaning, the sticky greasy particles are removed and collected in the oil collector. This chimney handles the operation very effectively for your kitchen. Overall, this is an excellent feature to have on your checklist before you buy one such product with an autocleaning function. It allows you to operate and maintain the kitchen chimney in an easier way.

The Best Kitchen Chimney With Futuristic Control

You can operate this chimney very easily with a modern controlling system. The 2 types of control available with this kitchen chimney are Gesture and Touch Control. For the Touch Control, with just one touch of your finger, you can operate the kitchen chimney effortlessly. One need not even come in physical contact with the machine if you are using the Gesture Control option. The appliance can easily recognize and interpret the movements you make for interaction. All these brilliant advanced features make this chimney very useful for Indian kitchens like no other.


  • Heat Auto Clean.
  • High Suction Power.
  • The touch control function works great.
  • Almost Zero Maintenance.
  • The kitchen chimney is easy to use.
  • Power-efficient product.
  • Equipped with LED lights.
  • The oil collector functions very well.


  • The sensor of Gesture Control can be very sensitive sometimes.
  • Expensive kitchen chimney.

What is Best About This Kitchen Chimney?

This chimney from Faber has enough capacity to vent out smokes of a medium to large Indian kitchens. Some good high-tech features like heat autocleaning and gesture control make this kitchen chimney special and worth buying.

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2. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (2020 model)

Elica 60 Cm 1200 M3/ Hr Auto Clean Chimney


Elica is a very renowned brand for an auto clean chimney. This 60 cm model from Elica is one of the best chimneys for your kitchen in terms of performance, design, and maintenance for a gas stove with 2-4 burners. The suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour is great for your kitchen and health. It prevents oil accumulation and discoloration of kitchen walls. Moreover, the kitchen chimney has an auto-clean feature that cleans out the deposited oils effectively reducing your headache.

Auto-Clean Technology

The kitchen chimney is built with Heat Auto Clean Technology. It offers superior automatic cleaning solutions, unlike other chimneys in a similar budget for your kitchen in India. The cleaning operation removal of sticky oil particles with the application of heat. This can help you to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen. It is collected in the oil collector at the bottom. The operation involves just a single press of the cleaning button. You will need to monitor the oil level in the collector and make it empty time by time to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen.

Stunning Design & Good Build Quality

One of the best things about this kitchen chimney is that the body is made of toughened glass. This makes the build quality sturdy and very eye-catching. In addition, the chimney is built with 2 LED lamps to ease the cooking operation. Therefore, you don’t need any extra lighting fixtures. By installing the chimney at a reasonable distance from the oven, you can use this function in a better way.

Efficient Filtration

The kitchen chimney is built with a High-Efficiency Baffle Filter that removes the oil and smoke to prevent the walls from getting sticky and dirty. The Filter is easy to clean and maintain. The chimney with an autocleaning function also comes with a separate oil collector. It collects the oil residue very efficiently. The collector is built with stainless steel that increases the durability of the kitchen chimney.


  • Thermal autocleaning.
  • Efficient Filtration with the baffle filters.
  • Good Build Quality.
  • Inbuilt LED light.
  • Budget-Friendly Product compared to the other chimneys.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The oil collector is effective.
  • Energy efficient kitchen chimney.


  • The chimney might be a bit noisy though the rated noise level is 58 dB.


Elica is a very reputed brand in India because of its great product range and good customer service. This model is one of their finest kitchen chimneys in India that customers prefer. Like the previous chimney, it is also equipped with various advanced features that are quite useful and help you to add values to your kitchen in the Indian way.

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3. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


This kitchen chimney from Hindware can be a good choice if you are looking for the cheapest solution for the kitchen. Hindware is a very renowned brand for a long time in the market. The appliance comes with a warranty of 1 year on the chimney with 5 years of additional warranty on the motor. It has lots of premium features and functions built for your kitchen.

Great Performance

This chimney is made for the Indian kitchens with a high suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour with a powerful metallic blower. With such a high capacity, the suction of impure air is very efficient in the kitchen chimney. It is built with a baffle filter that takes out the greasy oil particles from smoke and fumes. An oil collector made of stainless steel is attached to the body of the kitchen chimney for easier maintenance. The suction of smoke is efficient in this model by Elica.

On top of that, the chimney comes with thermal auto-clean technology. To maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, you need to take care of the oil collector only before it gets full.

Brilliant User-Friendly Design

The Design of this kitchen chimney is beautiful and very user-friendly. You can operate the chimney smoothly with the in-built feather touch buttons. This product also comes with a set of 2 LED lamps that allows you to cook easily.


  • Thermal Auto-clean technology.
  • High suction power compared to other chimneys.
  • One of the cheapest chimneys for kitchen in India.
  • LED lamps to ease cooking.
  • Better durability.
  • The kitchen chimney is energy efficient.
  • It is easy to maintain.


  • The oil collector is made of some plastic material, unlike other kitchen chimneys.


Hindware is purely an Indian brand that is gaining positive customer response and reputation. This model of a chimney is a high performer and suitable for Indian kitchens. The product is very durable and has an elegant look that makes it one of the best kitchen chimneys in India.

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4. Faber 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Angular Kitchen Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Angular Kitchen Chimney

Elegant Angular Design

The nicely designed angular kitchen chimney is a very good fit for modern style kitchens. It takes up a little space compared to conventional chimneys for kitchen available in the Indian market. Having a beautifully sleek design, an auto clean chimney does not only improves the visual of the kitchen but also helps the user to get more comfortable.

This angular chimney is suitable for medium to large kitchens as it’s suction area is quite large with a capacity of 1350 cubic meters per hour. One surprising fact about this kitchen chimney is that it produces very little noise while running at so high speed. So, if you are looking for the best angular chimney for the kitchen, this product is perfect for you.

Next Generation Filterless Chimney

This kitchen chimney in India is from Faber is built with modern filterless technology. With such an excellent feature, it involves almost zero maintenance. Having this chimney can save a lot of time and effort. If you hate dirty maintenance tasks but aware of the hygiene of your kitchen, it can suit your needs the most.

Easy Operating Procedures

One of the best things about this angular kitchen chimney is that it comes with two types of operating modes- Touch control and Gesture control. Both features are ultra-modern in terms of available technologies around the world. From the inbuilt settings, you can choose the best mode and operate the Faber chimney in the preferred way you like most.

The gesture control is an excellent feature in this kitchen chimney. While using it, you do not even need to touch the operating panel. Therefore, users need less effort while operating the machine. If you are planning to add a stylish look to the kitchen, choose this chimney.


  • The stylish chimney is suitable for modern style kitchens.
  • It has a high suction power.
  • The angular design.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Very energy efficient kitchen chimney.
  • Availability of gesture and touch control.
  • Takes up less space compared to other kitchen chimneys.
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty with the kitchen chimney.


  • The 90 cm chimney might be over-powerful for small kitchens. In that case, select the 60 cm model.
  • It is a bit costly but the price range is normal for angular kitchen chimneys from good brands.


Angular chimneys in India are the most recent and modern innovations of the present days. This product has a higher capacity and takes much less space on the wall compared to conventional chimneys. The kitchen chimney is also built with modern operating touch control that allows you to use it in a convenient way. If you have a modern-styled kitchen, this is the right product for you.

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5. Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney

Beautiful Design with Great Build Quality

This Chimney or Range Hood has an elegant design with a dimension of 59.5 (length) x 47.1 (width). The beautiful design of this kitchen chimney is from Elica that outranks other brands in this price range. Moreover, the curved glass is toughened to achieve better build quality. The position and operating flexibility with the push button are great too.

There are 2 highly efficient LED lamps installed on the hood to ease cooking. In addition, the body of the chimney is made of steel that is corrosion resistant.

Excellent Filtration with Baffle Filter

The kitchen chimney comes with 4 baffle filters to take out the oil and grease particles from the smoke. As a result, you can work in a smoke-free environment. The baffle filters are best known for efficient and effective filtration. These also require less cleaning and maintenance as compared to other types of filters available with the other chimneys in India. The effective filtration of smoke and greasy substances make your kitchen clean and oil-free.

Good Performance and Functionalities

The chimney with a blower has a suction capacity of 1220 cubic meters per hour. This capacity is great to vent the smoke out of a standard Kitchen with 200 sq ft or more area. The chimney is efficient for heavy frying and grilling. On top of that, the noise produced by the auto clean kitchen chimney is very low. The rated maximum noise level is 58 dB that can help you cook in a peaceful environment.

The Downside

The appliance has no oil collector built with it. Therefore, the oily substance gets accumulated on the walls of the chimney. You need to clean it once a week to maintain the optimum conditions for cooking. This kitchen chimney can work very well by giving you more freedom during cooking.


  • Beautiful elegant design to suit a modern styled kitchen.
  • The suction capacity is high.
  • Good Filtration Capacity for standard-sized kitchens.
  • Inbuilt LED light to enhance the cooking experience.
  • It is easy to maintain.


  • No oil collector that is available with most of the other chimneys.
  • Auto-cleaning is unavailable.


This is another good kitchen chimney from Elica that we like. It has a slightly higher capacity than the previous product and good for Indian kitchens. As the product does not come with an auto cleaning system, manual cleaning should be done once a week. Apart from this limitation, it has a lot of useful features that are budget-friendly that make it one of the best kitchen chimneys in the Indian market.

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6. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney


If you are looking for a stylish design suitable for the interior of the kitchen, then this kitchen chimney from Eurodomo can be a good choice. The beautiful shape and size of the chimney are perfect for most of the Indian households.

On top of that, the chimney comes with two LED lamps that ease out the cooking procedure for the users. For some kitchen chimneys, the placement of the light hurts the eyes. But Eurodomo has taken care of the problem in this chimney and it is comfortable while cooking. The model comes with a touch-control operating panel that is quite easy to use.

This chimney from Eurodomo comes with two models- 60 cm and 90 cm. To choose a kitchen chimney with the right size, read our buying guide.


The chimney with a high-quality motor and blower helps the blower to suck out the bad smoke and fumes with 1200 cubic meters per hour capacity. If you have a medium or large kitchen, then this model can suit all the necessary requirements.


Apart from the suction power characteristics, the efficiency of a kitchen chimney depends upon the filtration facility. This chimney in India comes with a stainless steel baffle filter that is widely known to be the most efficient filter for kitchen chimneys. Minute dust particles, the oil and smoke substances get stuck to it while passing through the filter. This model with an autocleaning system is very good to sustain the cleanliness of your kitchen and make it smoke-free.

To sustain its durability and longevity, the filter should be cleaned periodically. The frequency of maintenance will depend upon the volume of cooking. There is an oil collector that takes care of the residue of oil at the inner body of the kitchen chimney. You can easily take it out, clean it and put it in a proper place to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen.


  • High suction power and filtration capacity.
  • An excellent choice for medium and large Kitchens.
  • Attractive stylish design.
  • Energy efficient kitchen chimney.
  • The oil collector is impressive.
  • Easy operation of the panel.
  • LED light for a better view of the utensils.
  • 1-Year warranty on the chimney and 5 years on the motor.
  • Low noise level.


  • Might be over-powerful for small kitchens.
  • A little installation charge could be applicable.


This product from Eurodomo is a great kitchen chimney at an affordable price. It is powerful to vent out smokes and fumes of an Indian kitchen efficiently. Having a lot of good and useful features, we like this chimney and highly recommend it for your kitchen.

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7. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney

Attractive Pyramid-Shaped Design

The shape of the chimney is like a pyramid that looks beautiful. It is compatible with most of the Classic Indian Style Kitchens. As the beauty of the model suits most of the interiors, this kitchen chimney is very popular in India among the customers. In addition, the hood of the model is also built with an LED light to let you get the best cooking experience in a bright environment.

Good Performance

The kitchen chimney is designed with a high capacity blower to provide effective suction power to remove smoke and fumes out of the cooking space in your kitchen. The chimney with 1100 cubic meters per hour suction power is good for a 4 m x 3 m kitchen or less. The power consumption is also very less as 230 watts.

Efficient Filtration with Baffle Filter

The chimney comes with the stainless steel baffle filters to remove sticky oil particles from the air and keep the kitchen clean. The baffle filters are known as the best filters for a kitchen chimney with high filtration capacity and low maintenance compared to other types of filters. The cleaning and maintenance process is also very easy that allows you to work in a very convenient way.


  • Beautiful pyramid-shaped design.
  • The good suction capacity of 1100 M3/Hr for even large kitchens.
  • Effective filtration with the baffle filters.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Unavailability of an oil collector unlike other kitchen chimneys in India.
  • Auto-cleaning is unavailable.


This chimney is suitable for a maximum 130 square foot area which is standard in India. It is cost-effective and preferred by many consumers who are limited in budget. Along with that, we recommend it because of the classic design and good filtration system of the unit at a budget-friendly price.

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8. Glen 60cm 1000 m3/h Kitchen Chimney

Glen 60cm Kitchen Chimney


If you are looking for a stylish and compact kitchen chimney to suit your kitchen with modern amenities, you should go no further. This beautifully designed Chimney from Glen is perfect for such requirements. The black-colored glass on the hood of this product along with the lighting arrangements looks great in Indian kitchens.

Some people have a misconception about a chimney that extra lighting fixtures may increase the electricity bill to a large extent. However, we have found that it is not entirely true. As this model is built with two LED lamps, the consumption of electricity is negligible. Choose the product if you are looking for a good kitchen chimney at a budget price.

To ease the operation of the chimney for every people, this model of kitchen chimney is built with an operating panel with push buttons. Once the user turns the device on, the glowing LED indicator can be seen clearly on the panel. The user can operate the speed of rotation and the LED lights from the panel itself.


As the suction capacity of the machine is 1000 cubic meters per hour, it is perfect for families with 2-4 members. Small and medium-sized kitchens with an area of 100-150 sq. ft. is ideal for this product. Being a 60 cm kitchen chimney, this model is a great match for 2-4 burner gas stoves.


The blower of the chimney consists of an Italian copper motor with a “thermal overload protector” and a housing made of Flame Retardant Plastic (FRP) that adds precautionary measures to prevent a fire hazard. Having safety on the first priority, the kitchen chimney also ensures high dynamic airflow with the high-end design of the model.

This chimney comes with a stainless steel baffle filter that takes care of the entire fumes and smokes generated while cooking in your kitchen. The greasy substance gets stuck at the filter which should be cleaned at a certain interval of time to increase the efficiency and durability of it.


  • An excellent choice for small and medium kitchens.
  • User-friendly operating features.
  • Improved fire-safety in your kitchen.
  • High-quality design.
  • 3-stage speed settings.
  • Low electricity usage of 155 watts.
  • Stainless baffle filters.


  • We do not recommend this chimney for an Indian kitchen with an area of more than 120 sq. ft. to get the best performance.
  • Slightly lower suction capacity than the other kitchen chimneys we have listed.


Glen is a good brand that is known as the manufacture of some of the greatest kitchen chimneys in India. This chimney is one of their highest-rated models. As it is suitable for small and medium-sized kitchens, we highly recommend buying this chimney in India. For more information, find the details on Amazon.

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Buying Guide for the Best kitchen chimneys

While you are planning to buy a suitable chimney for your kitchen, you need to consider several factors before making any buying decision. You should buy a product that allows you to operate and maintain in a convenient way.

To know how to select such a kitchen chimney in India, you must consider the following factors. It should match your requirements such as capacity, size, mounting type, filtration, etc.

Overall, the model you choose should have Excellent Performance & Design right under your budget. So, read out this Buying Guide to get a more clear idea about which one to buy. Now it is the right time for you to check out the details about the buying factors about the best kitchen chimneys available in India.

kitchen chimney buying guide

1. Types of Kitchen Chimneys

There are generally two types of kitchen chimneys available in the stores.

  • Ducted Chimneys
  • Ductless Chimneys

A ducted chimney is more efficient than most of the ductless models in terms of filtration, suction power, and maintenance. Ductless chimneys are most suitable for commercial purposes. However, for home, the ducted kitchen chimneys are better.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Duceted Kitchen Chimney

  • Smoke and fume are vented out by the inbuilt blower.
  • Generally, this kitchen chimney creates less noise compared to the ductless chimneys.
  • These are more efficient. However, the performance varies from brand to brand.
  • Most of the consumers in India prefer it because of higher performance.
  • A Ducted chimney might look a bit bulky and can limit the space of the kitchen. As the duct is extended from interior to exterior wall, it occupies a bigger space compared to the Ductless chimneys.
  • Comparatively costlier than a ductless chimney.
Pros and Cons of Ductless Kitchen Chimneys
  • You can install this kitchen chimney at any convenient place as suitable for you.
  • A ductless model is cheaper than the ducted ones.
  • Most ductless chimneys use charcoal/ carbon filters for extra protection to purify the smoke and air in the kitchen.
  • The technology involves only recirculation of air through the filter unit and purifies the air instead of venting it out.
  • More maintenance prone. Filters of such chimneys need to be cleaned frequently.
  • May create more noise in the kitchen compared to the ducted appliances.

In conclusion, we can see that a ducted chimney is much better than a ductless kitchen chimney in terms of design and performance. For ducted kitchen chimneys, you need to install a duct for the exhaust system.

The duct/ pipe vents out the smoke maintaining optimum air quality in the kitchen. Most reputed brands include an exhaust pipe with the package. We recommend using an aluminum-made exhaust system with Cowl Cover like Pardzworld Chimney Exhaust System. This flexible pipe can give you better safety, more movability, and greater efficiency.

2. Types of Mounting of the Chimney

When deciding the way of mounting, you may be thinking about which type of mounting you should select? Wall-mounting or Island Chimney? Apart from these 2 types, the “Built-in” kitchen chimneys are also there with a more compact design but with a higher price. The mounting type is a must-check option to find a good chimney for the kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Chimneys

  • This kitchen chimney can be fitted on the wall.
  • Most suitable for a typical Indian Kitchen where the stove is placed near the wall.
  • Most of the Wall Mounted chimneys require ducting.
  • Budget solution for Home use.

Island Chimneys

  • It is fitted in the middle of the kitchen.
  • The Island kitchen chimneys are most suitable for modern kitchens where the stove is located in the center.
  • It involves the installation of a long duct as the wall is far from it.
  • These chimneys are generally expensive than the Wall-Mounted Chimneys.
  • This chimney adds a nice and modern look to the kitchen.

Built-in Chimneys

  • This chimney can be fitted on the wall but very compact and does not impact much on the interior design.
  • This type of chimney is a great choice if you have a short space.
  • However, a built-in kitchen chimney is costlier than the above 2 types of chimnies.

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3. Size of Kitchen Chimney- 60 cm & 90 cm

The size of the chimneys depends upon the size or the number of burners on the gas stove. As the area of cooking increases with the number of burners, you may need a bigger size of the kitchen chimney.

Generally, you may find two types of chimneys in the market with a width of 60 cm and 90 cm that we have already mentioned. If you have an oven with 2 to 4 burners you require a kitchen chimney with a width of 60 cm.

On the other hand, if your cooktop has 3 to 5 burners, you may need a chimney with a 90 cm width. Therefore, to find the best chimney for the kitchen size, you must consider the size of it if you do not want to buy the wrong product by mistake. Remember to keep a reasonable distance between the chimney and oven when installing.

Chimney size

4. Design of the Kitchen Chimney

Chimneys are available with a long-range of designs in the market. Curved Glass, Straight Glass, Pyramid, Box Type, Angular Shaped and Straight Line type chimneys are the most popular in India.

The selection of the design has a huge impact on interior design. So, you need to select it carefully. Hence, according to interior design and kitchen size, you have to select the most suitable design. To find the most suitable kitchen chimney, you should check all the designs first to match the interior design of the kitchen in Indian style.

Best Chimney in India

Curved Glass kitchen Chimney

Curved Glass chimneys are the most popular chimneys in the country. The stunning look suits most of the Indian style kitchens. All the best brands like Elica, Faber, Hindware, IFB has a great range of kitchen chimneys with Curved Glass Design. This Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean kitchen chimney can be one of the best options for your requirements to add an elegant look to the kitchen size.

Best Chimney in India

Straight Glass Chimney

Straight Glass models are the cheapest forms of kitchen chimneys available in the market. The look of the straight glass chimneys are not as great as curved glass chimneys but are decent.

Brands like Faber, Glen, and Bosch have a good range of kitchen chimneys with straight glass design. Faber 60cm 1095 m3/hr Chimney can be one good choice for straight glass design.

Best Chimney in India

Pyramid Type kitchen Chimney

A Pyramid type of chimney can be a good choice if you are looking for the cheapest kitchen chimney. As the name indicates, the shape of this type of chimney is like a pyramid that looks good but a bit bulky compared to Curved and Straight Glass chimneys.

But, most of these chimneys lack some premium features that you can get with a curved glass kitchen chimney. However, pyramid type appliances like KAFF 60 cm 700 m3/h Kitchen chimney can be a budget solution for you.

Best Chimney in India

Box Type Chimney

As the name suggests, this type of chimney has a box-type extension attached to the hood. This may look a bit bulky and suitable for old fashioned kitchens. However, you can take look at Glen Kitchen Chimney 6052 SS.

Best Chimney in India

Angular Kitchen Chimney

Angular Chimneys are absolutely great in design. It might suit perfectly if you have a kitchen with great interior design. These types of kitchen chimneys are faced in an angular direction that looks great and one of the best types of chimneys.

However, these kitchen chimneys are expensive compared to the other types. Brands like Bosch, Kaff, Kutchina, Glen, Prestige, Faber have a good range of such chimneys. Bosch 90cm 800 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney can be a good choice for you.

best kitchen chimney

Straight Line Kitchen Chimney

Straight-line Chimneys are the best if you have short space in the kitchen. The minimalist design with only 10 Kg weight suits most of the small-sized Kitchens.

Brands like Glen, Sunflame, Kaff produces these types of kitchen chimneys in India. Glen Straight Line Chimney is a good chimney with a straight-line design.

5. Suction Power of Best Kitchen Chimneys

The suction capacity is one of the most important factors while selecting your kitchen chimney. The goal of installing such a chimney in the kitchen is to keep it free of smoke and maintain cleanliness. The suction of fumes and smoke must be instantaneous to keep your kitchen clean.

Higher the suction power of the blower, the better the efficiency of removal of smokes and fumes. Hence, we recommend selecting a kitchen chimney with higher suction power. A good chimney has a suction power equal to or more than 1200 cubic meters per hour.

6. Types of Filters in a Chimney

There are 3 types of filters available for a kitchen chimney.

  • Baffle Filters
  • Mesh filters or Cassette Filters
  • Charcoal Filters
Baffle Filter

Baffle Filter

This is the most popular and common type of filter built with most of the best kitchen chimneys available in India. The baffle filter is made of steel or aluminum frame with inbuilt curved panels. The stainless steel baffle filters are the best for chimneys. When the smoke passes through it, the sticky, oily and grease get stuck to the layers of the plates of the filter.

This type of filter is very much durable for a kitchen chimney. It is very easy to clean and highly durable.

Cassette filter

Mesh /Cassette Filter

The Cassette Filters are good but more maintenance prone compared to the Baffle filter. These are also known as Mesh Filters in the market. This filter built with a fine mesh of Aluminium with tiny holes.

When the smokey air passes through it, the greasy particles get stuck at the layers of mesh filters. However, if the holes are clogged with a sticky substance, it may block the path of movement of air leading to vibration and noise.

Charcoal filter

Charcoal Filter

Carbon or charcoal filters are the best types of filters available in the market. It filters out the clean air from sticky particles as well as the odor of the smoke.

For Ductless chimneys and high range ducted kitchen chimneys, it is an optional filter along with a Baffle or Cassette Filter. This type of filter is not washable.

You need to replace the filter every 3 to 6 months depending upon the frequency and time of cooking.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance

The frequency and intensity of cleaning and maintenance is a very vital point to consider before you buy a kitchen chimney online or from a physical store. The cassette filter is a very maintenance prone filter whereas the baffle filter and charcoal filter require less maintenance.

Most of the good brands add an oil collector installed to the chimney. It should be made of stainless steel to improve durability. You need to clear the oil collector once it gets full. We recommend checking the oil level monthly, at least twice for the first few months to get a proper idea of how frequent you should clear it up.

For the baffle filters, you can detach it easily. Rinse the filters into warm water with a mild detergent to remove the greasy and oily substances from the filters. Do not squeeze or scrub heavily as it may damage the filters. It is advisable to clean the kitchen chimney and the outer body of the operating panel with a water-soaked cloth. Do not use any abrasive detergent or corrosive substance to clean it.

To know more about cleaning process of kitchen chimneys, read here.

8. Noise and Vibration

All chimneys create noise more or less. However, it should not be heavy more than 58 dB. You should check the noise level of the kitchen appliance that you want to purchase. All the kitchen chimneys mentioned above have a noise level equal to or less than 58 dB.

There could be one more reason if you find the noise level only after you use it for some weeks. This is mostly because the air passing holes of the filter might have been blocked by sticky and grease particles.

Therefore, you need to clean the filters at least once in a month to get optimum performance from the chimney.

9. Operating Interface of The Best chimneys

The operating interface should include a digital display with a highly durable feather touch button to ease the operation. When you are cooking in the kitchen, you need proper lighting on the gas stove/ oven. There should be LED lamps installed just below the hood.

Some kitchen chimneys like Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney has a gesture control option. With this feature, you do not even need to handle it with physical touch. The sensor in the product is able to detect your movement/ gesture and starts operation accordingly.

10. Brand Value & After-Sale Service

As we all know the brand value and reputation are some of the most important factors to select the right chimney. Better the brand value, the more you can trust the brand. After-sale service is an equally important factor to buy a kitchen chimney from reputed brands.

You must select a brand that has a high reputation in the market. The best chimney brands are Elica, Faber, and Hindware that are very popular in India with good customer service. Read more about these brands in the following section.

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Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

There are hundreds of brands available in the market. The most reputed chimney brands are Elica, Inasla, Faber, Eurodomo, Hindware, Sunflame which have the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Check some of the Top Brands that manufacture high-quality chimneys.

1. Elica

Elica is the most favorable brand in the market nowadays. It is an Indian brand that manufactures the best quality of chimney for your kitchen. Elica is a joint venture that was formed in 2010 and already leading the market. The manufacturing unit of Elica is located at Pune, Maharashtra. With technical assistance from Italy Elica has a good range of Kitchen Chimnies, nearly 15 models of kitchen chimneys.

2. Faber

Faber is another good brand for a kitchen chimney. Started in 1963, now they have a production facility in India, China, and Turkey and presence in 13 countries. The most important of all, Faber has a long-range of innovative chimneys with unique features. Apart from Chimney, they also produce RO water purifiers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Induction Stove.

3. Hindware

One of the oldest Indian company that manufactures kitchen chimneys for the kitchen is Hindware. In 1962 they appeared for the first time in the market with a production facility at Haryana. Other than the Chimney, Hindware has a large range of products in Water Purifier, Water Heater, Oven, Dishwasher, Cooktop and many more.

4. Inalsa

Inalsa was founded in 1967 and is a subsidiary of the Taurus Group that is one of the most popular brands for kitchenware in Europe since 1962. Inasla has one of the largest product ranges for a food processor too.

Moreover, it has a high quality of chimneys in over 30 categories including cooking appliances, utility appliances, heating appliances, and personal care. For a kitchen chimney, Inalsa has over 10 models available to the customers.

5. Eurodomo

Headquartered in Switzerland, Eurodomo has a global presence in more than 35 countries for various Kitchen Appliances. The brand is best known for its good quality kitchen chimneys with excellent design. For after-sales service, Eurodomo has a toll free number 1800 267 3484 for the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best kitchen chimney in India?

After researching on more than 50 chimneys, we find that Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is the best chimney in India. As choice differs from person to person, you may also like Elica 60 Cm 1200 M3/ Hr Auto Clean Chimney that is also great. Both of these kitchen chimneys have a high suction power, good autocleaning system and user-friendly operating panels for your kitchen.

How do you choose the right size of chimney?

The size of kitchen chimneys depends on the number of burners on the oven. For 2 to 4 burners, a 60 cm chimney can be a good option for you. If it has 3 to 5 burners, a 90 cm Chimney is the best option for you.

Why is a chimney necessary for a kitchen?

During cooking, smoke and fume are generated that pollutes the kitchen environment. On top of that, sticky and greasy oil particles get stuck on the walls and ceilings. This is why a chimney is needed for the kitchen. It sucks out the smoke and prevents the deposition of oily substances on the walls and Ceilings.

Which type of chimney is the best for a kitchen?

The selection of the type of chimney depends on 4 factors- the area of the kitchen, position of the gas stove and your budget. For a typical Indian kitchen, the ducted and wall-mounted kitchen chimney is good in low to moderate budget. A curved glass or angular chimney can be a great addition to the kitchen.

What are the best brands for kitchen chimneys in India?

After thorough research, we have found that the two brands – Faber and Elica manufacture some of the most amazing chimneys in India. Apart from these two companies, we also recommend Kaff, Eurodomo and Hindware that are also good.

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As you have read the buying guide, we are assuming that you now have a quite clear idea on How to select a chimney for your kitchen. The top 5 brands have a wide range of the highest quality chimneys available in the market. Out of all these brands, Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney is the best kitchen chimney in India that we highly recommend buying.

As the brands are well-reputed, a higher degree of customer service is expected from them. The kitchen chimneys we have listed above comes with both the 60 cm and 90 cm size. The suction power also plays a key role in the performance of the product. So, while selecting a chimney according to your kitchen requirements, check it with your desired specification and functionality.

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