5 Best Electric Pressure Cookers in India (2021): Review & Buying Guide

Are you tired of cooking for long hours?

To reduce the cooking time, get yourself the latest electric pressure cooker. It will help you to cook in-between your busy lifestyles, and save a lot of money.

This handy electric cooker prepares food 70% faster than conventional methods and better than stovetop pressure cookers. As some dishes take up a long time, it provides the ease of doing many things at the same time.

Currently, Our Top Pick– Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker is hailed as the best electric pressure cooker in India. It is full of features which let you cook western and Indian dishes in the same cooker.

The fourteen helpful presets cuts down on the pre-planning related to usual cooking. Mealthy has made healthy cooking an easy option for everyone. So, let us read more about it and other good options for electric pressure cookers.

best electric pressure cooker in India

The Top 5 Electric Pressure Cookers in India

Mealthy Electric Pressure Cooker3 L9-in-1Amazon
Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker6 L5-in-1Amazon
Crock-Pot Electric Pressure Cooker5.6 L12-in-1Amazon
COSORI Electric Pressure Cooker5.6 L8-in-1Amazon
Geek Electric Pressure Cooker5 L11-in-1Amazon

Review of the Best Electric Pressure Cookers (2021)

In this review, we have selected the top 5 electric pressure cookers according to their multipurpose features, durability, user-friendliness with a perfect balance to the price.

1. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

best electric pressure cooker in India

Designed to be Perfect

The Mealthy electric pressure cooker has made its name in the international market. It has now arrived in India, and the company made it follow our needs. It runs on 220V of energy as per power settings.

Along with that, the pressure cooker is well-constructed. It is also one of the only cookers that use the SS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel to line the inner pot. There are also different safety options to make cooking secure.

Because of these advantages, we find it to be the best multi pot cooker in India in 2021.

14 Hassle-Free Presets

Are you a beginner at cooking? If yes, then you might need a little more time to go for the manual settings. But, Mealthy makes things easier by providing fourteen great presets.

Along with the usual options of rice and poultry, it even has a cake setting. So, all you need to do is gather the ingredients and choose a preset to get well-cooked food. Once you get the hang of it, try customizing these presets.

Fantastic Panel for User-Friendliness

Mealthy doesn’t want you to struggle with the control buttons. They have a simple interface that is in front of you. Choosing the presets as well as toggling the settings, are quite easy. The LCD panel gives you an insight into the setting for a particular dish.

On top of that, the panel gives you real-time information about the state of cooking. So, you can cook in a modern way. It is an easy-touch panel, so there is less chance of damage to the buttons.


  • It has fabulous design features.
  • 14-presets do help you in cooking.
  • The user-panel is easy and intuitive.
  • The inner pot has a food-grade lining.
  • Mealthy provides many safety features.
  • Cooking food is fast and reliable in it.
  • Mealthy gives complementary accessories.
  • Spare silicone gasket is provided with it.
  • It comes with a great 5-year warranty.


  • 3 L is small, but it is good for a single person.
  • It is expensive compared to models of other brands.

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2. Preethi Touch EPC005 6-Liter Electric Pressure Cooker

Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

Made for the Indian Kitchen

Preethi knows that we are tired of having kitchen appliances that are not India specific. The pressure cooker has settings like khichdi, Biryani, Idli, and even gajar halwa. These are quintessential dishes of the household, so this product can’t go wrong.

The settings are appropriate, and they help you to have delicious food daily. Preethi has added the Nutri++ technology that traps in the nutrients while it is cooking. So, you can have tasty food without the unhealthy consequences.

Terrific User-Friendly Design

Are you getting the cooker for an older person? If yes, then you will need the setting to be as simple as possible. Preethi has included it in this cooker with a great panel. You can see the choices in the LCD panel, so the guesswork is eliminated. The bright and bold buttons make things easy.

Because of the helpful presets, you do not need to keep a constant eye on this electric pressure cooker. Cooking can also be delayed for up to 8 hours, which is great for office goers.

Maintains Safety While Cooking

Safety is a big issue for any household. Preethi works on it well by including nine safety levels. All of these features create a safe environment compared to a traditional cooker. It also has a water level indicator to help you with cooking. Some of the safety features include overheating protection, pressure control, close lid, etc.


  • 15 preset for cooking food.
  • Nine levels of safety protection.
  • Nutri++ for locking in the nutrients.
  • Up to eight hours delay timer.
  • Non-stick coating on inner pot.
  • An amazing capacity of six liters.
  • A user-friendly control panel. 
  • Comes with different accessories.
  • It is an affordable product.
  • Preeti provides a 1-year warranty.


  • Fewer service centers, but Preeti is working on creating more.
  • It is a little heavy, but that helps in stability.

3. Crock-Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker

electric pressure cooker

Amazing Design for Everyday Need

Crock-Pot is a well-known brand that has turned into a synonym for electric pressure cookers. The brand is known for making multi-functional utensils, and this model is one of them.

It comes with almost six liters of space which is ideal for a small family. Numerous presets, along with the ability of manual programming, make it useful. The crock-pot will come in handy for daily cooking as it can cook 70% faster than traditional methods.

Anyone Can Use the Crock-Pot

On the first appearance, it may look alien, but it is actually quite easy to use the crock-pot. They include a simplistic user-manual, or you can consult online videos to get the hang of it.

The presets will help you cook initially and even on days when you feel lazy. As you get used to the crock-pot, you will get to relish its magic.

They claim that you can cook a whole roast chicken in only 30 minutes, which is revolutionary. Also, the buttons are easy to use, while the LCD shows you the time and settings.

If you want to save time, delay cooking to come back when the time is favorable, it is the most desired electric pressure cooker for meat dishes.

Trust of International Quality

Crock-Pot revolutionized the market with their slow cookers. So, it is obvious that you are getting a pressure cooker that has been tested throughout the world. Their thorough quality checks ensure that each product is ready to reach home.


  • Helps in versatile cooking for all.
  • 8 helpful presets for beginners.
  • It has a super-fast cooking time.
  • One can cook in four ways in it.
  • The size is great for a medium family.
  •  Airtight locking lid maintains safety.
  • The starter cookbook is very helpful.


  • It is expensive because of international standards.
  • Crock-pot has few service centres, but they are expanding.

4. COSORI CP016-PC 8-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker

COSORI CP016-PC 8-In-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker

Premium Design for an Everyday Cooker

Electric pressure cookers are an investment, and you want to get the best out of them. Cosori fulfils your dream of having a premium cooking utensil. The multi-function design lets you cook in different ways. You can even use it as a hot pot to enjoy fondue dinners.

The electric pressure cooker can be adjusted and you can tweak everything for the pressure to the temperature to its time. So, as a user, you get to experiment with your cooking. Cosori even provides a glass lid with this premium pressure cooker.

Keeps You Healthy

As an electric pressure cooker, this model excels at providing you options to remain healthy. As it also works as a steamer, you do not require a tonne of oil to cook food in this cooker.

On top of everything, they have even added a yogurt setting so that you can eat healthy yogurts right at your home. Steam cooks the food almost 70% faster than traditional cooking, so the nutrient can’t escape.

Your Safety is its Priority

Gone are the days when you had to worry about pressure cooking. Cosori has come up with nine safety levels that ensure your protection. It has received ETL, FCC and FDA certifications. There is also an Unlock indicator protecting from steam accidents.


  • Food is prepared healthily.
  • Nine layers of safety measures.
  • Fast and reliable cooking methods.
  • Thirteen presets to make cooking easy.
  • Manual mode is highly programmable.
  • The LED panel has intuitive controls.
  • It has a nice size for a medium family.
  • This cooker can be used as a hot pot. 
  • There is a 1-year warranty from Cosori.


  • Expensive compared to other brands, but you get premium options.
  • Quite heavy at 6.80 Kg, but it maintains stability.

5. Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

Sculpted for Indian Households

People often complain that electrically operated pressure cookers are too complicated for kitchens. To change that opinion, we had to include this product in this review of electric pressure cookers. It is easy-to-use, and the preset options go well with the specific needs.

They have provided the options for sambar, dal, pongal, along with a dedicated setting for idli. There is also a separate menu for non-veg items to tweak as per need. If you are a pro-cook, then the manual setting will help you to most.

Amazing Product for Bachelors

Are you tired of cooking on the gas as a bachelor? It is time for you to invest in a good cooking appliance. Geek provides different options that turn you into a professional chef. Getting this electric pressure cooker will give you the ease to cook healthy food daily.

Numerous recipes are available on the internet, so we are sure that it will help you ease your appetite. Do not worry about food sticking to the bottom, as the pot has an anodized Teflon coating.


  • Helpful cooking preset options.
  • 5 L is a good size for a single person.
  • The seven levels of safety are trustable.
  • It is a pocket-friendly option.
  • There is a Teflon coating on the inner pot.
  • The timer comes handy in delaying.
  • Geek provides a 2-year warranty.


  • It will be small for a medium or large family.
  • The inner pot is made of aluminium, but it is food grade.

How does an electric pressure cooker work?

While electric pressure cookers are still new, we are still used to the old traditional pressure cookers. Yet, most countries of the world have hopped on the bandwagon of using such cookers.

Manual pressure cookers are easy to understand. As we seal the lid, the pressure is created by the help of steam inside the cooker that cooks the food. The pressure is also released from the top to protect it from bursting.

These products are a favorite for reducing the cooking time. It also helps in making dishes like sambar as the dal and vegetables get cooked faster. Many people have created several recipes and adopted electric pressure cookers in their daily lives.

The basic difference between an electric and a manual pressure cooker is electricity. Rather than depending on thermal energy, it utilizes electricity to cook. Like in manual models, the steam created inside the cooker helps in preparing the dish.

One of the best things about electric pressure cookers is its versatility. There are different settings to choose from, that lets you cook a variety of dishes. They are great for cooking soups, sambar, rasam, and you can even make a cake.

Parts of an Electric Pressure Cooker

These electric pressure cookers generally have the following three parts.

The Inner Pot:

The inner pot contains the ingredients which will turn into the dish that you are cooking. Companies use food-grade materials to construct the inner pot. Often a non-stick layer is added to prevent food from sticking on the surface. It is removable to aid in cleaning. Steam gets made in this pot to cook the food.

The Cooker Base:

The base is the most important part of the pressure cooker as it produces the heat that creates steam. In modern cookers, you can actually control the pressure and temperature. Sensors are also present in the base that may control the settings. In case of any problems, the sensors may help to cut off the power to prevent accidents.

The Lid:

The lid of your electric pressure cooker will help in creating the perfect seal. A rubber or silicone ring creates this seal. Without the seal, the steam may escape, which will hinder in production of pressure.

Hi-tech lid-locking facilities are present in recent models. The manual models have a simple pressure release system. Compared to it, electric cookers have proper venting systems. Layers of safety are also added to prevent steam related accidents. In most models, you cannot start the cooker unless the lid properly sits on the top.

How do They Work?

Electrically operated electric pressure cookers also have a control panel that contains different settings. There are several auto modes that allow you to use pre-installed settings. The companies also provide the option of manual settings to increase their potential.

Such products are also known for their all-in-one qualities. Companies often market them as versatile pieces with a plethora of options. Getting the best electric pressure cooker for Indian cooking also provides settings accordingly. Some even come with numerous accessories.

So, the basic thing is that an electrically operated pressure cooker works similarly to a manual one only except the electrical power. You simply get many more options and better usability in an electronic model.

They are fairly easy to use, but you may need a little time to tweak the manual settings. We do think that they are an amazing investment for households. So, knowing the science behind an electric pressure cooker can be very advantageous for the user.

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Why should you buy an electric pressure cooker?

Deciding to buy a new electronic gadget is tough. Electric pressure cookers may seem alien at first, but they are, in fact, quite helpful. Here are some reasons for you to get such a useful product.

1. Electric Pressure Cookers are Faster

The primary reason for buying a pressure cooker is its fast cooking. You get to have that even in electric pressure cookers, along with varied settings. Modern products allow you to cook meat or lentil-based dishes in a hurry. It is perfect for South Indian cuisine.

2. Electrically Operated Pressure Cookers Cut Down Gas Costs

The price of LPG keeps skyrocketing. Most households try to reduce this cost, and these kitchen appliances can help a lot. These cookers have settings that aid faster cookers that also reduces electricity consumption. So, an electric pressure cooker turns out to be an economical option.

3. Electric Pressure Cookers are Healthier

Pressure cooking has come to be regarded as the healthiest option. Generally, you have to use a lot of oil when it comes to gas top cooking. Instead of that, you can use the right setting in an electric pressure cooker for the best results. Health-conscious people often rave about these benefits. Also, this form of cooking helps to keep the nutrients along with the flavors.

4. Electric Pressure Cookers are Versatile

The electric pressure cookers are the best for beginners and even the advanced model has lots of features. Most companies market their products as a multipurpose kitchen gadget. In the household, we are often tired of washing many utensils. You can cook different dishes in the same cooker in less time. They are great for cooking rice dishes, lentils, curries, and even soup.

5. Electric Pressure Cookers are Hassle-Free

Are you tired of cooking on gas? If yes, then it is the best time to get an electrical pressure cooker. They free you from the usual sweat and grime related to cooking. All you need to do is get everything into a pot and let the cooker do its magic. The best thing is that the whistles are also not as noisy as a traditional cooker.

These cookers are great for beginners in cooking because of the automatic settings. They can avail of the numerous available on the internet for making delicious food.

6. Electric Pressure Cookers are Safer

Traditional pressure cookers have a bad reputation when it comes to safety. They do have a safety valve, but there is no way to control the pressure. It is very different when it comes to an electric pressure cooker. They have safety sensors that prevent the lid from opening while it still has pressure. Companies also add different safety technologies to make the cookers much safer.

Electric Pressure Cookers vs Conventional Pressure Cookers

Electric Pressure CookersConventional Pressure Cookers
Electric pressure cookers allow you to have different pressure settings. It is quite helpful as different pressures help you to cook a variety of dishes. You can get any model with the pressure range of your choice. Generally, the pressure setting varies from 6 to 13 PSI. Electric cookers reach a lower pressure compared to stovetop models because of safety reasons.    Traditional pressure cookers have one or two pressure settings. They do not really provide you with versatility. Generally, the pressure is 15 PSI. These models can reach a high level of pressure, providing faster cooking.
These depend on the heat produced by the help of electricity.These can be used on gas stoves, induction stoves, or other types of stoves.
Temperature can be regulated because of the different settings available in the electronic cooker. These temperature ranges are already set in the automatic settings, or you can use the manual setting.Heat needs to be manually regulated in such cookers as there are no automated sensors.
Electric cookers are made with automatic features. The auto settings have time durations of their own, or you can choose manual time durations. The thermostat and sensors present in these models also help in controlling a safe temperature. You can even delay cooking in the modern electric cookers.Stovetop cookers do not come with a timer, so you need to keep an eye on it. They do not come with any automated features.
Electric pressure cookers are best known for their versatility. You can cook a variety of dishes according to your choice. They are great for households with a need to taste different dishes.You can make a stovetop cooker versatile, but they will never have the user-friendliness of an electric cooker. Some even come with warnings for not being used in certain ways.
Being operated by electricity, they need proper care. These are definitely made from good quality materials. So, you have to keep them away from water and clean them regularly. You may need to change the gasket if it becomes loose. With proper care, they can last for 5-8 years. Conventional cookers are made to last for a long time. Not much maintenance is needed for them, but you should keep an eye on the gasket and the safety valves. Their quality might decrease with regular usage. Some people have been using their cookers for more than 20 years.
Electric cookers require more storage space. You will need to pick a size according to your family. It needs to be kept in a proper way to prevent damage.Manual cookers do not need any special storage. You can keep them with your usual utensils.
Modern electric cookers come with Smartphone app connectivity.It has no such technology.
Electric pressure cookers cost more.The conventional pressure cooker costs less, but the price mostly depends on size and variant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Pressure Cookers

Will a new electric pressure cooker help you? Let us know more about the advantages and disadvantages of this device.

best electric pressure cooker

Benefits of an electric pressure cooker

  • Cooking is comparatively faster in such a product compared to traditional stovetop preparation.
  • There is much variety when you cook in an electric pressure cooker.
  • These can work as multipurpose cooking devices.
  • They help in cutting down on LPG costs.
  • The cookers do not consume much energy.
  • You get much healthier food, which is perfect for health-conscious people.
  • More nutrition is retained when you cook in an electric pressure cooker.
  • Electric cookers can be used at all altitudes.
  • The cookers come with different automated settings.
  • The pressure and temperature can be controlled.
  • Electric cookers are much safer when compared to traditional cookers as they come with different safety options.
  • Less mess is created in electric pressure cookers.
  • Cooking is better and hassle-free.
  • These come equipped with modern technologies of cooking.

Drawbacks of an electric pressure cooker

  • It will take you a little while to get used to an electric pressure cooker.
  • You need to clean the inside pot after every use thoroughly.
  • You won’t be able to remove the lid without releasing all the steam.
  • Cooking will take a little more time if you are in a place of higher altitude.
  • It cannot be used in case of power cuts.
  • Make sure to add proper seasonings, as you cannot take off the lid in between.
  • Electric cookers are more expensive when compared to traditional pressure cookers.

10 Things to Check Before Buying an Electric Pressure Cooker

Do you want to get the best electric pressure cooker for a small family? If yes, then the first thing you need to do is find the right features. They are known for their versatile settings. So, here are the ten things that will help you buy a suitable product.

1. Size and Compatibility

You need to buy an electric pressure cooker of the right size. Companies have size options ranging from 5 liters to 10 liters depending on your need. If you have a family of 4 or more members, we will suggest you go for a larger size. As you cannot fill more than two-thirds of a pot, buy a bigger size.

2. Pressure Levels

Electric pressure cookers come with different pressure levels. These levels are one of the reasons behind the cooker’s versatility. Cooking is faster at the highest level of pressure. Good models come with varying pressure levels. Definitely keep this in mind according to the usual dishes that you cook.

3. Preset Options

Compared to traditional cookers, the electric models have a preset menu. As every person has special needs, so you need a cooker that has an appropriate menu. Check for the different things that you can cook in it.

This may include everything from idli to khichdi to rice dishes. If you want the most useful electric pressure cooker for canning, then make sure it is present in the list of options.

4. Safety Features

How many safety options are present in the kitchen appliance? This is one of the most important features when it comes to an electric pressure cooker. A good model has different sensors and a featureful security system. We will also suggest you get a cooker that comes with a safety guarantee.

5. Extra Accessories

We love to cook various foods. Idli is a South Indian favourite, and it usually gets made in a stand that goes into a pressure cooker. So, if it is an important thing for you, make sure it comes with the electric cooker. Companies also provide different other accessories to make cooking, fun and flexible.

6. Liner Material

When it comes to utensils, you should focus on getting the healthiest materials. Apart from being food-grade, the lining material of the inner material should be of high quality. Most modern options have a non-stick layer. So, it will be your preference to get a variant as per choice. But, make sure that it is of good quality, as this prevents it from getting damaged.

7. Programmability

Yes, your electric pressure cooker will come with an auto-set menu. But, it should have a certain amount of programmability. The settings of temperature and time are very important for advanced cooks.

So, when you are buying such a product, make sure to check this feature. Delay timer helps a lot of busy people. On top of that, the slow cooker option is great for people who like juicy meaty dishes.

8. Cleanability

Are you looking forward to using the electric pressure cooker every day? If yes, then you should look for a model that is easy to clean. It needs to be quick as you won’t want to spend hours behind it. Make sure to read the proper guidelines to maintain the health of the inner pot.

9. Brand Reputation

Having a good quality product does matter when it comes to buying any electronic device. The same goes for electric pressure cookers. You should stick to the good brands rather than wandering around. Do proper research, and check customer reviews to get the best model.

10. Warranty and Customer service

An electric pressure cooker needs to have a warranty like any other electronic device. The warranty guarantees proper care within a certain period. Depending on the brand, a it can have up to 5 years of warranty. Do read the warranty clauses to be clear about the warranty clauses.


 So, here you have the Top 5 electric pressure cookers in India along with a review and a comprehensive buying guide. Are you still tense about getting a new product?

We know that any change can take a little time. But, purchasing the latest model of an electric pressure cooker is the best thing to do. They are economical, healthy, and your cooking time is reduced.

It is the best thing to get if you are generally busy in the office, or even if you are health-conscious. Go and look into our suggestions for having the best electric pressure cooker in India!  

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