Best Ironing Boards in India: Review and Buying Guide

Everyone prefers to wear neatly ironed clothes. It helps in keeping our garments tidy. Improper pressing can ruin the whole attire. People often face difficulties while pressing garments on the bed or table.

Frankly, it's inconvenient to do ironing on an uneven surface. It affects the efficiency of the work. Here, ironing boards can be the best possible solution to resolve the issue.

The ironing boards are specifically designed to get the job done smoothly. Both of the steam irons and dry irons require a smooth and convenient ironing surface which the ironing boards offer.

Features like the adjustable height, iron holder or heat-resistant mechanism provide a hassle-free experience to the user. These ironing boards present an effective solution to make the ironing job easier for you.

For instance, our Top Pick – Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board is widely appreciated by the customers as the best ironing board in India. It can be adjusted according to the user's preferred height and fits easily in every space. The board is highly resistant to heat and ensures stability for the users. It's a premium quality product that comes with high efficiency and brand value. There are several other boards in the market with an array of facilities. Let us have a look at some of them.

best Ironing Board in India

7 Best Ironing Boards (Tables) in India

Ironing mostly depends on the board's surface.  There are several other factors to be considered as well. Here is a comparison table of the most amazing ironing boards.

Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing BoardAluminised Ironing Surface3 YearsAmazon
Aysis Ironing BoardWooden Board with Ivory Frame3 YearsAmazon
Benesta Classic Ironing BoardWooden Board with Fabric PaddingNoneAmazon
Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite Ironing BoardAluminised Ironing Board2 YearsAmazon
Sasimo Ironing BoardWooden Board with Metal Mesh3 YearsAmazon
Peng Ironing Board100% Cotton Cover Ironing BoardNoneAmazon
TruGood Ironing BoardShockproof Wooden BoardNoneAmazon

Reviews of The Best Ironing Boards

Choosing a suitable ironing board can be quite a challenging job. You have to conduct proper research, check specifications and user reviews to zero down your selection. However, we wish to make this process simple and easier for you. We have listed the Top 7 ironing tables to make your selection easier. Additionally, we have also discussed the features, pros, and cons for your better understanding.

1. Bathla X-Pres Ace – Large Foldable Ironing Board

Bathla X-Pres Ace - Large Foldable Ironing Board

Key features

  • Aluminized Ironing Surface
  • Effective Wire Manager
  • Heat-Resistant Iron Holder for added safety
  • Multi-Functional Tray
  • Anti-Skid PVC Shoes
  • Fordable Design
  • Step-Less Height Adjustment
  • Durable Steel Body Weighs 8.5 KG
  • 2 Years of Manufacturer Warranty
  • Product Dimension: 42 x 10 x 143 cm

The Bathla X-Pres Ace is a premium ironing board that offers a vast array of features. It's a durable product made of quality steel and the adjustable height makes ironing quite easier. Adjust it according to your preferences. The anti-skid PVC shoes provide a strong surface grip to ensure stability during ironing. It's foldable and you can easily fit it in anywhere.

The Aluminized Ironing Surface reflects heat and saves up to 40% of electricity while saving your time. The adjustable wire manager prevents any interruption caused by the wires and provides hassle-free work experience.

The heat-resistant iron holder can resist high temperature and cradle the iron. It provides added safety to the user. It also has 2 years of Bathla Trust Warranty. Having such useful features, it is the best ironing board in India.


  • Aluminized Ironing Surface reflects the head and saves electricity and time.
  • The adjustable height and foldable function to fit anywhere.
  • The extended warranty of 2 years.
  • Hassle-free wire manager.
  • Anti-skid PVC shoes increase surface grip and stability
  • Multi-functional tray for extended use.


  • Premium pricing in comparison.
  • Iron rods require maintenance to prevent rust.

Why is this ironing board worthy?

It's a large and durable board that can be used for regular heavy ironing. The advanced features like the aluminised cloth cover, innovative wire manager and heat-resistant iron holder make ironing easy and enjoyable. The extended warranty of 2 years promises quality assurance and value for money. It's worth every extra penny you spend.

2. Aysis International Quality Ironing Board

Aysis International Quality Ironing Board

Key features

  • Extra-wide and Ergonomic
  • Wooden Ironing Board
  • Size – 45 x 14 inches with a 0.89 inch Ivory Frame
  • 4 Levels of Adjustable Heights between 27-38 inches
  • Handy Transport Lock
  • Hot Steam Iron ( Press ) Stand / Holder
  • Durable Iron Body
  • 3 Years of Brand Trust Warranty
  • Item weight 941 grams
  • Product Dimension of 15 x 10 x 2 Centimeters

It is a lightweight ironing table that comes with excellent quality and innovative functions. It's sturdy, portable and can easily fit anywhere. The foam and steel material used is of great quality and you can enjoy effortless ironing. The anti-skid shoes and the holding clip provides great standing support.

It comes with a size of 45 x 14 inches with a 0.89 inch Ivory Frame that is highly suitable for heavy ironing. You can adjust the stand according to your need with it's 4 various height options from 27-38 inches. The stand and holder are sturdy ensuring the durability of the product.

There's a thick Polyester padding over the cotton cover that provides an excellent ironing surface. The Aysis International Quality Ironing Board with a whopping 3 years of Brand Trust Warranty that ensures quality and brand trust.


  • Extremely lightweight yet sturdy design.
  • 4 different adjustable heights.
  • The Polyester padding provides a firm ironing surface.
  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • Extended 3 years of manufacturer warranty.


  • Slight balancing issue which is to be addressed soon by the manufacturer to increase stability.
  • Not for individuals looking for a heavy ironing board.


The Aysis International Quality Ironing Board is a value for money product that offers a lot in return. You can adjust its height or you can carry it around according to your need. The superior quality polyester padding makes ironing easy and comforting. The 3 years brand trust warranty adds a certain value to the product. Overall, it's one of the best ironing boards for shirts, pants, and other regular-use garments.

3. Benesta Classic T-Leg Wooden Ironing Board

Benesta Classic T-Leg Wooden Ironing Board

Key features

  • High-Quality Wood Surface
  • Available in other 3 print variants
  • Decent Fabric Padding
  • Iron Holder
  • Easily foldable
  • Premium Quality Design
  • Aluminium finish Classic T-Shaped Legs
  • Durable Steel Body
  • Weighs around 6 kilograms
  • Product Dimensions is 115 x 40 x 9 cm

 The third one on our list is an absolute value for money. Benesta Classic T-Leg Wood Ironing Board offers stability and efficiency at a very attractive price. The high-quality wood surface with cotton cover makes ironing effortless. It offers a decent padding that can handle heavy garment pressing.

Overall dimension of the product is 115 x 40 x 9 cm which makes it suitable for all shapes of garment ironing. T-shaped aluminium finish legs make the ironing board stable. The heavyweight of 6 kilograms provides extra stability. There's no noticeable shakiness during use.

Benesta doesn't provide a brand warranty. However, the quality and design of the ironing board are surprisingly uncompromised. This one is available in the other 3 print variants. Choose according to your preferred aesthetics.


  • Sturdy and designer body.
  • The heavyweight of the board provides stability.
  • Value for money.
  • Two-step height adjustment.
  • Efficient padding for ironing.


  • Doesn't come with a manufacturer warranty.
  • A little heavy in comparison for some individuals.


Even though you won't get a warranty for the Benesta Classic T-Leg Wood Ironing Board, it's preferred by many users. The little extra weight provides sufficient stability for effective ironing. Considering the price point and features, it's a definite recommendation.

4. Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite – Foldable Ironing Board

Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite - Foldable Ironing Board

Key features

  • Aluminised Ironing Surface
  • Innovative Wire Manager
  • Heat-Resistant Iron Holder
  • Multi-Functional Tray
  • Anti-Skid Shoes
  • Fordable Design
  • Step-Less Height Adjustment
  • Steel body weighing 9 kgs
  • 2 Year Bathla Trust Warranty
  • Product Dimension: 35 x 10 x 140 Centimeters

Similar to our first entry on the list, this one also comes from the trusted brand, Bathla. Almost similar in specifications, The Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite is available at a lower price point. It also has a step-less adjustable height feature that you can set according to your preference. The ironing board has a sturdy metal body that provides durability to the product. The anti-skid PVC shoes are there to enhance stability.

The Aluminised Ironing Surface saves up to 40% of energy. It saves both time and electricity with efficiency. The wire holder allows you to work freely by keeping the wire contained. The heat-resistant iron holder absorbs heat and provides safety to the user. So if you are looking for the best ironing board to use at home, it can be a suitable choice.

The table has metal mesh quoting below the ironing surface that makes Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite ideal for steam ironing. It efficiently prevents waterlogging. The product weight is around 9 kilograms and it can easily handle pressure. It has an elegant design body that adds aesthetics to the equipment. This ironing board comes with a 2 year of an extended warranty from Bathla.


  • Aluminised Ironing Surface that saves time and 40% electricity.
  • The metal mesh prevents waterlogging.
  • Wire manager keeps the wire out of the way while ironing.
  • Heat-resistant iron holder for increased safety.
  • 2 years of manufacturer warranty.
  • Value for money.


  • Minor stability issues as reported by few customers.
  • Not strongly recommended for heavy garments (like curtains) ironing.


The negligible cons are currently addressed by the manufacturer to increase the efficiency of the product. It has all the innovative features of its premium counterpart and provides an excellent ironing experience. The heat-resistant feature is there to provide safety and it's energy-saving as well. You can easily do ironing without having to worry about waterlogging. The 2-year brand warranty and the addition of premium features at a low price point are truly remarkable.

5. Sasimo International Quality Ironing Board

Sasimo International Quality Ironing Board

Key features

  • Aluminised Ironing Surface
  • Innovative Wire Manager
  • Heat-Resistant Iron Holder
  • Multi-Functional Tray
  • Anti-Skid Shoes
  • Fordable Design
  • Step-Less Height Adjustment
  • Steel body weighing 9 kgs
  • 2 Year Bathla Trust Warranty
  • Product Dimension: 35 x 10 x 140 Centimeters

The Sasimo International Quality Ironing Board is a suitable choice for both residential and economical use. An extra-wide size of 15 x 10 x 2 cm allows the user to iron every type of Indian garment. It's lightweight and the 4 different height settings make ironing convenient and easy.

The ironing board is made of superior quality wood. It comes with a cotton cover and polyester padding that makes the surface firmer and efficient for ironing. This product has a metal mesh coating that is made using the crimping process. It has a long-lasting effect and prevents waterlogging while steam ironing. If you are looking for the best ironing board for steam irons, we highly recommend it.

The board is foldable and you can easily fit it anywhere. Sasimo International Quality Ironing Board has a durable body and backed by anti-skid shoes. The surface grips provide increased stability during use. 3 years of extended brand trust warranty is provided that ensures the quality of the product.


  • 4 different adjustable height.
  • Sturdy design body.
  • Polyester padding provides a firmer ironing surface.
  • Superior quality iron made stand and holder.
  • 3 years of manufacturer warranty.


  • Has slight stability issues as reported by few customers.
  • Price is slightly higher compared to its competitors.


 Even though it costs a little higher in comparison, it makes up with its innovative features. The high-quality metal body ensures the longevity of the product. Due to the effective polyester padding, it's suitable for heavy garments ironing and steam ironing as well. The 3 years of brand trust warranty ensures quality and adds value for money.

6. Peng Essentials Adjustable Ironing Board

Peng Essentials Steel Folding Or Adjustable Ironing Board

Key features

  • 4 Adjustable Heights (27-38 inches)
  • Extra-Wide and Ergonomic
  • Handy transport lock keep
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Hot Steam Iron Stand and Holder
  • Wooden Ironing Board
  • Durable Body
  • 3 Years of Extended Brand Warranty
  • Size – 45 x 14 inches with a 0.89 inch Ivory Frame
  • Item Weighs around 941 g

It is an efficient ironing board at a budget-friendly price. The Peng Essentials Steel Ironing Board is lightweight, portable and easy to use. The 100% cotton cover prevents clothes from sticking to the board and makes ironing smooth. Due to the metal mesh, this one has a scorch resistant surface which is highly suitable for steam ironing.

Its size is quite efficient for regular ironing. The shape of the board naturally provides a comfortable ironing positioning for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. Simply adjust the height according to your need. Also, there is an iron holder to keep your hot iron after use. It provides added safety to the user.

Even though there is no brand trust warranty given, it doesn't compromise in quality and features. The competitive price in proportion to its efficiency makes it a value-for-money product.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Highly efficient for steam ironing.
  • Iron holder for added safety.
  • Value for money.
  • Ideal ironing for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.


  • The board is a bit shorter.
  • Putting heavy pressure on the board is not recommended.
  • Manufacturer warranty is not provided.


If you're looking for the best ironing board at an affordable price, this product is right up your alley. It's portable and lightweight. You can easily fold it and fit anywhere you need. With innovative features like iron holder, scorch resistance and heat reflection, the Peng Essentials Steel Ironing Board is a good option.

7. TruGood Folding Ironing Board With Press Stand

TruGood Folding Ironing Board With Press Stand

Key features

  • Shockproof Wooden Board
  • Adjustable Height
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Strong and Durable Frame
  • Anti-Skid legs with Rubber Grips
  • Wooden Board Surface
  • Hot Steam Iron Stand and Holder
  • Fabric Padding
  • Weight 7.51 kilograms
  • Product Dimension is 18 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm)

Last but not the least, we have a perfect budget-friendly option here. The TruGood Folding Ironing Board comes with a steel frame body and iron stand. Perfectly suitable for pressing any size of the clothes. It is most preferable for household use.

You can set the board according to your preferences with its adjustable height. The anti-skid legs provide stability while ironing. Rubber grips are there to prevent the board from slipping. The ironing surface is made of a shockproof wooden board that is strong and durable. High-quality steel is used for the ironing board stand. You also get an iron holder to place the iron safely after use.

The price of the TruGood Folding Ironing Board is highly cost-efficient. It weighs around 6.6 kilograms and it's portable enough to be fit anywhere. However, there is no manufacturer warranty on this product.


  • Cost-efficient board.
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame.
  • Shockproof wooden board for effective ironing.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Rubber grips for added stability.
  • The 18x 48-inch size is suitable for all.


  • There is no brand warranty provided by the company.
  • Padding not enough for heavy ironing.


Even though this ironing board is not covered by warranty, it overshadows that drawback with efficiency and value for money. You get the adjustable height, safe iron holder and a durable product at this price point. If you're looking for a true budget-friendly ironing table with good features, the TruGood Folding Ironing Board is an obvious choice.

Apart from ironing boards, some people prefer ironing mats for clothes. The following mat is great in terms of usability, quality, and durability. Let's check it out!

Encasa Homes Ironing MatAlternative To Ironing Board

Encasa Homes Ironing Mat

Key features

  • Ironing Mat to use on Dining Table or Bed
  • Silicon Mat Ironing Surface
  • Pure Cotton Printed Fabric
  • Felt Pad Laminated for Quick and Soft Ironing
  • Large Size of 120 x 70 (47inch x 28inch)
  • Easily foldable or Rolled to Easy storage
  • The lightweight of 340 Grams
  • Perfect Cushioning
  • Easy Cleaning and Drying

Unlike all the other entries on the list, this is an ironing mat. A suitable and cost-efficient option for ironing longer garments like saree, churidar, or curtains. Usable while placing it on the bed or table and doesn't require an ironing board separately.

Here is a silicone mat attached as the top layer of the mat that can be used to keep the hot iron. It can handle up to 250-degree Celsius of temperature.  The mat is made of pure cotton printed fabric and laminated with a felt pad. It allows the user to iron quickly with ease. It's big enough and suitable for ironing all Indian garments.

the product is available in 5 prints, the Encasa Homes Ironing Mat is an affordable substitute for ironing boards. It's foldable and you can easily carry it around. Decent use of steam ironing won't be an issue. Just rinsing in a sink will get the job done for cleaning. Washing machine cleaning is not recommended.


  • Affordable price.
  • Silicone padding base for quicker ironing.
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use.
  • Large size is suitable for all garments.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • Cannot use the washing machine. Hand wash recommended.
  • Not for extensive use of steam ironing.


This is one is a suitable substitute for ironing tables since it quite decently gets the job done. You can use the mat on the table or bed according to your convenience. It has an attractive price and overall effectiveness is impressive. If you're looking for an ironing board for home use, this one is a perfect choice.

ironing boards in India

Why Should You Use A Ironing Board?

The ironing board is a versatile accessory that makes ironing much easier and efficient for the user. There are various types of ironing boards available in the market. They vary from each other depending on their specifications and effectiveness.

Ironing boards are of three types: portable ironing boards, wall-fixed ironing boards, and tabletop ironing boards.

The best ironing tables that are available in the Indian market are able to do the following tasks with ease.

  • They provide a smooth and pleasant base where you can iron the clothes properly.
  • It also works effectively at the time of wrapping the clothes.
  • They can be stored easily anywhere.
  • They are designed in such a manner that the users do not have to bend over while ironing.
  • It presses out any type of clothes efficiently.
  • The fiber used in the boards is designed to resist heat and also reduce overall ironing time.

Apart from these, certain factors make the ironing boards so much in demand. Moden boards come with top-notch features to make the whole process quite easier for you.

Types of Ironing Boards

types of iron boards in India

Portable Ironing Boards

As the modern ironing boards are portable, you can easily fold the legs and transfer it from one place to the other.

The whole equipment is so convenient for the users to carry to the next room whenever it is needed.

You can adjust the heights as required.  The bachelors staying away in a small home can adjust to the portable ironing board as it occupies a limited space.

If you have a larger space simply stretch the legs and get a more comfortable platform for pressing the iron. You can set up the whole board in no-time.

Just follow the manual and organize it accordingly.

Wall-Fixed Ironing Boards

Many of the users prefer this board for their structure. It adjusts well in small apartments and does not occupy much space. It easily makes a place at any corner of your home. This type of ironing board is designed in such a way that your children will not be able to reach its height.

As per the name, this board is fixed to the wall. That means after using you can fold the structure back to the walls. It saves a lot of time as there is nothing to set up at the time of ironing.

Table-Top Ironing boards

You can place the ironing board anywhere over a table and it is also portable. The sturdy, lightweight, and durable table-top provide much advantage for the one who sews. If you are looking for a smaller and adjustable board, this can be your perfect partner. You can hang it at the back of the door. If nothing is available then you can buy it separately.

Opt for a heat-resistant cover and hard body gives a satisfying experience to the users. Last but not least, it is very easy to install and be out to many uses that suit everyone in your home.

Buying Guide to choose the best Ironing Board in India

Every ironing board comes with varied specifications like size, sturdiness, heights and so on. Hence, the kind of board you will buy completely depends on several factors. Cheaper models naturally need replacement after a certain period. On the other hand, the best ironing boards will last longer.

Some may prefer a tabletop small ironing board or the other may look for a wall-mounted board. Choosing the right one will help you save much time and effort. Have a look at the important factors that should be considered before purchasing an Ironing Board.

A well-made ironing board will be costlier than the one with fewer specifications. Many inexpensive ironing boards are either noisy or less stable. Therefore, you have to spend a moderate amount to get a foolproof board.

Size of the Board

Depending on the frequency of use choose the board. Another factor is the number of clothes ironed.

If both are huge then do opt for a larger one.

Otherwise, the best option is the smaller one. You can also go for a medium-sized neither too small nor too large!

Build Quality and Material

It is all about durability and strength. A breathable top with vents is perfect for any kind of ironing.  4 legged ironing boards are an ideal choice.

Wooden frames are also awesome, but they often absorb heat. The price of such boards may be a bit higher, but unique build quality will justify the rest.

Buying Guide for best ironing boards

Pick such materials that are perfect for ironing. Few materials burs down as they are not able to resist the heat. Get a  perfect material that is heat resistant and ideal on iron.

Weight and Usability

Always go for an ironing board with less weight, easy to use, and carry. Metals boards can be somewhat weighty. Compared to that wooden or plastic boards are much lighter. Make sure you face no issues to lift the boards easily. Weight plays a significant role along with the size and builds quality.

Padding and Cushion

Cotton and fabrics are the ultimate paddings for the ironing boards. This is incorporated to make sure that the heat and clothes do not make direct contact with the board material. You can also buy the padding separately or make it on your own. But padding is important to get perfection altogether.

Adjustable Heights

The height-adjustable feature generally comes for the models of 28-36 inches. It gives the user more opportunity to adjust heights according to his/her convenience. No longer bending down for longer use. Even many boards adjust the height to a sitting posture. The proper height is therefore an important factor that should always be looked at.

Special Features

Many ironing boards come with a hanger where you can hang or keep clothes at the time of ironing. You can keep several clothes at the same time in it. This will make the whole process more convenient for users. Some of the ironing boards also come with child locks. This is basically, to stop the board from collapsing when you are not around.  Get a reliable board that provides enough safety at your work.

Frequently Asked Questions about ironing boards

Why Should You Use An Ironing Board?

Ironing boards are used to flatten the wrinkled clothes smoothly and competently. It makes ironing easier, faster and effortless. A well-designed ironing board provides safety to the customers. It provides a top-notch solution to your ironing needs and saves a lot of time in the process.

What Is The Best Brand For An Ironing Board?

Bathla has supported home-owners for over 50 years now. They provide quality assurance and offer the most suitable ironing board depending on your requirement. Established in the year 1968,  their only concern was to provide proper solutions while ensuring safety to the users. Bathla is regarded as one of the best brands for the ironing board in India.

How To Use An Ironing Board?

Using an ironing board is a straightforward process if done properly. 
●        Pick out the garments that you need to iron and place them on the board.
●        Make sure you set the temperature and mode of the iron.
●        Place the iron properly over the clothes placed on the board.
●        Start ironing. 
There is no hassle involved. Effectively iron different types of clothes with the help of an ironing board.

Which Material Should You Prefer For An Ironing Board?

The ideal material for an ironing board is cotton and fabric. Quilting cotton can be used for an ironing board. For better results, opt for durable cotton drapery clothing. Coated fabric on the other hand works perfectly for resisting and blocking heat. Always choose a deep colour, for making the stains or spots less visible. Wooden boards are also preferable.


You can choose the best ironing board in India from our recommendations depending on your specific requirements. Ironing boards are really handy and make ironing a lot easier. But if you want to use a garment steamer, an ironing board may not be required.

You can do proper pressing without any hassles involved. Yes, there are lots of other options available apart from these. However, our list is the result of detailed research and comparison.  Make sure to follow through with the instructions given while buying an ironing board.

No more getting confused among thousands of products available in the market. Compare and check specifications while considering our inputs. You will surely find the best possible option for yourself.

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