12 Best and Other Uses of Garment Steamers

Garment steamers are indeed a blessing in disguise. It is not only responsible for keeping your fabric wrinkle-free, but also useful in disinfecting and deodorizing the fabrics. Such steamers are very handy with unique applications.

There are various uses of a garment steamer that may help you in and around the household chores. These multiple applications will give an entirely new perspective on using this traditional appliance in and around the house. The other uses of a garment steamer vary from the conventional use of keeping fabrics wrinkle-free to disinfecting your car seat, getting rid of the stains from your sofa, and so on.

A garment steamer is easy to use as well. It would be best if you filled the water reservoir of the steamer, hung the garment in the hanging section, and waited for some time. In a few minutes, when the steamer is heated, move the steamer over the fabric in sweeping motions. 

Here is a complete list of uses of garment steamers that will help you see the importance of a garment steamer in your everyday life. 

Uses Of Garment Steamers

1. Garment steaming

The traditional and primary use of a garment steamer is to keep your fabric or garment wrinkle-free. It is useful for making all kinds of fabrics wrinkle-free. It is way better than traditional ironing. During dry ironing, you may struggle to iron different types of fabrics and make them wrinkle-free.

Also, there are chances that you may ruin delicate fabrics or garments while using traditional ironing methods. Hence it becomes all the more important to be careful, especially while using a steam iron or a cheaper dry iron.

However, you need not worry about these issues when it comes to using the best garment steamer. A temperature dial is present in a garment steamer, which can help manage the temperature to apply on the garment or the fabric. This dial allows adjusting the temperature as per the type of fabric or garment.

Furthermore, the steam nozzle applies proper pressure on the apparel or the textile and helps make it wrinkle-free. 

2. Cleaning Car Upholstery

Have you ever wondered about how much you spend on cleaning your car upholstery?

Have you been cautious while eating in your car, worried that a spill can leave a stain on your car seat?

Well, the days to worry are gone. You can simply use a garment steamer, and all of your concerns will be taken care of. Cleaning a car is a hassle otherwise, and you cannot always spend a lot on a car wash. Keeping the car interiors clean is often a daunting task.

Cleaning Car Upholstery

A garment steamer can help you get rid of the stains and the spills on the car surface. It can be used to disinfect as well as deodorize the car from the inside. Garment steamers help get rid of dust and dirt off the glass surface. If you are also worried about the stinky odor inside your car, a garment steamer can also take care of that. 

3. Steam cleaning the recliner or sofa

Every living room is incomplete without a sofa or recliner chair. Keeping the sofa clean and dust-free is a challenging task. Even after a regular vacuum, you can see the stains or the dirt on the sofa’s fabric. Hiring professional services to have your sofa cleaned and disinfected can cost you money.

But if you want a simple solution to all these concerns, you can make use of your garment steamer. With the help of a garment steamer, you can disinfect and deodorize the sofa fabric. The garment steamer can help get rid of any bed bugs on your recliner.

As for the steam of the garment steamer, it can be used to handle the heavy lifting and get rid of the dust and dirt from the surface of the sofa. Using a garment steamer over a vacuum on a sofa has proven to be more hygienic and proper. 

4. Use in regular household cleaning

Maintaining and keeping the house clean is often a difficult task. When it comes to cleaning your windows, your task gets manifold. Especially if you live on a higher floor, cleaning the window glasses can be a dangerous challenge.

This is where a garment steamer comes in. With the simple use of garment steamers, you can help eliminate the smudges and lint on the window. And after you have used a garment steamer on your window, you will see the effect for yourself. The windows would be sparkling and shining. 

Use garment steamer in regular household cleaning

5. Clean the mirror with a steamer

It is one of the unexpected uses of a garment steamer. A mirror is a crucial part of any household. You feel confident, and you feel happy after looking at your image in the mirror. However, everyday use of the mirror can cause a layer of dust and smudges to appear on the mirror surface.

Instead of opting for the traditional way, try using a garment steamer on the mirror cabinet the next time. The results will show you the difference. It will help eliminate additional fingerprints on the mirror and leave a sparkling glow to the mirror. 

6. cleaning the Curtains

Drapes or curtains enhance the beauty of your house. You ensure to keep the drapes hanging to ensure the privacy of your home is maintained, and no one can look through the windows.

However, washing the drapes and hanging them once again can be a hassle for you. You can quickly get rid of such heavy lifting by using a garment steamer. This garment appliance can help get rid of dust and dirt on the surface of the drapes.

cleaning the Curtains with garment steamers

Not only this, a garment steamer will help get rid of any stain marks or any odor on the surface of the drapes. However, please note, if your drapes come with the instruction of “dry clean only,” then avoid using a garment steamer on them. This may ruin the drapes and may cause an issue. 

7. Steam clean your mattress

Mattresses and bedcovers play a vital role in comforting you and helping you catch up on a good night’s sleep. However, with regular use and contact with the human body, the mattress tends to catch sweat, spills, stains, bedbugs, and so on.

Gone are those days when mattresses were kept under sunlight day after day, especially to get rid of the odor. The mattresses are not just heavy to port but also are not at all handy. Thus, every time keeping the mattress directly under the sunlight would be a hectic task for many.

Luckily, with the onset of technology, something is interesting to consider about cleaning your mattress. Using expensive methods to opt for a clean mattress is done away with. This has been made possible by this unusual use of garment steamers.

This will give a fresh feeling while you lie down on the mattress and the bed cover. The freshness and the odor-free quality of the best mattress will help you catch up on your peaceful sleep.

These electronic cloth steamers are readily available in your household, or you can choose to buy one from your nearby market. The regular use of a cloth steamer on your mattress has shown effective results. Also, when you use a garment steamer to clean a mattress, the room feels fresh too.

8. Use garment steamer to clean the carpet

Carpet stains look horrible and are visible to the naked eye. Vacuuming the carpet can only help get rid of the dirt and dust. But for the disinfection of the carpet, you may need the assistance and help of professional services.

However, professional services may cost a fortune. With the surprising use of a garment steamer, you can easily take care of these concerns. The stains, dirt can easily be removed with the help of a garment steamer. Garment steamers are portable and very easy to use. A clothing steamer not only saves on your time and energy but also on your finances.

Use garment steamer to clean the carpet

9. Sanitize your home

Garment steamers can be put to use to sanitize your home as well. You can get rid of germs, bacteria, and more from different areas of your house. Such an electronic steamer comes in handy and helps make a happier and healthier environment for the entire family. Besides a using an automatic soap dispenser to be safe, apply your garment steamer to disinfect and sanitize the house. 

10. Cleaning the kitchen is easy

Kitchen counters and walls are primarily greasy and oily. Everyday cooking in the kitchen is often a tedious task. Also, cleaning the kitchen can take a toll on your day-to-day activities. So, it becomes essential to keep the kitchen stain-free.

With this unique use of garment steamers, you can quickly eliminate all the greasy and oily stains. Portable garment steamers come in handy for such tasks. After the use of a golden leaving your kitchen a sparkly and hygienic place.      

11. Clean Hard Water Stains and Grime in the bathroom

Bathrooms are a concern area when it comes to clearing out the different odors. Keeping the bathroom clean can be challenging and tedious. With the use of a garment steamer, you can get rid of the stains from hard water and iron. Also, along with the regular use of toilet cleaners, using a cloth steamer can leave a sparkling clean and fresh bathroom.

12. Defrosting your refrigerator

Garment steamers can be used to defrost your refrigerator too. However, ensure to take proper precautions before you go ahead to defrost your freezer. Ensure to have lots of towels and be careful as you are working with it. The garment steamer even helps in freshening up the freezer of your refrigerator for you.

While wrapping up, it is established that a garment steamer has many uses, and it can be used daily for keeping the environment clean and healthy. However, cleaning mattresses is one of the most common and sought-after uses of garment steamers.

There are pros and cons of using a garment steamer for different chores at home, which you should always consider. At this point, the very question of using a garment steamer to create a healthy and clean environment clears any doubts about its usage.

It has various applications in and around the house, and besides keeping your fabric wrinkle-free, it helps keep the mattress bacteria and odor-free. So, this seems like a win-win situation for all. 

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